5 Best European Destinations for Solo Travelers

5 Best European Destinations for Solo Travellers

Europe is full of great historic cities, lovely, welcoming people and amazing food – all of this makes it one of the best destinations for solo travellers. European cities are pretty well connected and easy to explore, safe for solo travellers and budget-friendly. In this blog post, we bring you the 5 best European destinations for solo travellers that you will love exploring by yourself.

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Ghent, Belgium

Ghent is a lovely small Belgian city, that isn’t overrun by tourists yet, so you’ll love exploring it in peace. It’s more of a laid-back university city with a cool vibe and tons of landmarks to explore. It houses 18 museums, 100 churches and over 400 amazing historical buildings. The city centre is closed for traffic so you’ll have to explore it on foot or bike, or you can rent a boat and explore its canals. One of the must-see landmarks is definitely Old Tower Belfry that dominates the cityscape. Also, there are St. Nicholas Church and St. Bavo’s Cathedral, both set near the Tower and both are such beautiful buildings built in Gothic style.

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London, UK

With its 2000-year history, London is a city that you must visit at least once in a lifetime. It is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, famous for its art, architecture, food and fashion. It is full of free attractions that will keep you occupied for days. It is a big city but it’s quite easy to get around it since its public transportation system is excellent and everyone speaks English. Take a walk along the River Thames and admire the world-famous Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, as well as the extraordinary dome of St Paul’s Cathedral. If you’re seeking for the streets for a nice shopping tour or to simply wander around and explore the architecture head to Covent Garden, Oxford Street, or Regent’s Street.

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5 Best European Destinations for Solo Travelers

Venice, Italy

Venice is the city with many picturesque sights, we’re pretty sure your camera (or phone) batteries will die. It’s set on 117 islands with over 400 bridges and amazing Gothic buildings – so you can imagine that there is really a lot to see. Explore the very heart of Venice – Piazza San Marco and all the landmarks that are located there. One of the most beautiful ones is St. Mark’s Basilica, it’s just beautiful and so picturesque. Wander the narrow streets of Venice or hop on a gondola and explore Venice from its many canals – or just do both.

Venice is quite a romantic city, so you may think it is only for couples, but believe us, you can enjoy it just as much if you desire to visit it by yourself. Also, this way you’ll get more chances to chat a little with great local people.

5 Best European Destinations for Solo Travelers

Turin, Italy

Turin (Torino), the fourth largest city in Italy and the capital of Piedmont, is possibly one of Italy’s most charming, unique and vibrant cities. It often gets overlooked by other, more famous Italian cities, which isn’t that bad – you’ll explore it in peace. This city is full of history, you must explore its rich cultural and historical heritage. There is so much to see here, including the fabulous Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Madama, Mole Antonelliana and the majestic Egyptian museum. Also, you should definitely visit the Basilica di Superga, set on a hilltop, overlooking this gorgeous historic city.

Besides these (and many other) cultural places, you should definitely enjoy chocolate and coffee here – Turin is the chocolate capital of Italy and is known for its historic cafes.

5 Best European Destinations for Solo Travelers

Zagreb, Croatia

The Croatian capital, Zagreb is a great city to explore by foot. The main attractions in Zagreb include the cathedral with its Neo-Gothic façade and twin steeples; the Croatian Sabor (Parliament); the Church of St. Mark with its coloured tiled roof; and the 13th-century Tower of Lotrščak, which you can climb for fantastic views over the city rooftops. Walk along the Strossmayer’s promenade, the most romantic promenade in the city of Zagreb that runs along the remains of Zagreb’s medieval defence wall and you can get to it by a funicular or stairs. You must walk the Ilica street – the longest street in Zagreb and the perfect destination for shopping and people-watching from one of its many cafes.

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