5 Extraordinary Christmas Markets in Europe

Christmas is right around the corner! Has the Christmas spirit caught you yet, or are you feeling stressed buying last-minute gifts? You might have already visited a Christmas market in your hometown, so today we we’ll explore Europe’s most extraordinary Christmas markets. Take notes if you’re still on for a short getaway, and if not, you will hopefully feel festive after reading.

Christmas at the Ravenna Gorge in Hochschwarzwald, Germany

Our first stop brings us to Germany, more precisely to Hochschwarzwald. You are going to be amazed at how scenic this market is, as it’s located directly in the Ravenna Gorge! You can experience traditional handicrafts and Christmas music, while a varied range of food and drinks offers something for every taste. The steep, wooded hills of the Ravenna Gorge in Breitnau, the Galgenbühl at Hofgut Sternen, and the 40-meter-high railway viaduct of the Höllentalbahn frame this market. So soak in the homely atmosphere, the aromatic scents, and enjoy the unique flavors of this Christmas market!

Christmas Town Valkenburg, Netherlands

Ongoing until January 8th, 2023, Valkenburg in the Netherlands turns into a Christmas town and is completely wrapped in the Christmas spirit. In this winter wonderland, you get to enjoy festive lights, music, and tasty treats! Winter here is a real experience, where you can walk endlessly in unique and beautiful winter landscapes and visit enchanting Christmas markets. You can also experience a unique underground enchantment in the caves of Valkenburg, stroll through the cozy stalls, marvel at the charming lights, listen to the Christmas story, and much more, so what are you waiting for?

Valkenburg in the Netherlands is a Christmas town like no other. (c) Eleven Media 

Christmas at Lisberg, Sweden

A special pre-Christmas experience also awaits you in a country where you can always feel the Christmas spirit a little extra, namely Sweden. At Lisberg, the whole village turns into a Christmas Mecca in the run-up to the holy festivity. Go on a gift hunt among the cute little stalls of the Christmas markets, warm yourself up in winter-awakened carousels, and fully enjoy the smells and tastes of Christmas. You’ll also find Tomtebyn there, allegedly the “happiest village you can imagine, built entirely on your innermost wishes”. Sounds appealing, right? There are also Christmas workshops for kids and much more, so a visit is definitely going to be an unforgettable experience for the whole family!

Ottakringer Christmas Magic, Vienna, Austria

We don’t want to go into too much detail about all of the 17 gorgeous Christmas markets in our hometown of Vienna, as this would extend the scope of this article, but rather take you to one you might have not heard of, the Ottakringer Weihnachtszauber (Ottakringer Christmas Magic). For the first time this year, the Christmas market is taking place in the Ottakringer Brewery. An urban Christmas market awaits you with delicious cuisine, creative handicrafts, and a children’s program. The more active among you can burn off some energy with a round of curling. Step into this winter wonderland and let yourself be carried away by the Christmas spirit, enjoy a beer or two, and gift your loved ones with a nice present from the artisans selling their works at the stalls.

The Mystery of the Vilnius Christmas Tree, Lithuania

Not a classical Christmas market, but still a stunning sight to see, are the Christmas trees of Vilnius! They are famous for their original themes, unique decorations, and magical atmosphere. For many years now, Lithuania’s main Christmas tree has been recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world. It even dictates fashion trends globally, so you can say that this tree is a true Christmas influencer. While the myriad of lights decorating the outside of the tree is a modern touch, the inside of the installation reveals a traditional tree, assuring a classical Christmas spirit.

Meet “Christmas Tree Influencers” in Vilnius.

We hope you liked our little list of extraordinary Christmas markets and that we could spread some Christmassy vibes. For more inspiration, check out our favorite Christmas markets in Austria, Germany and Switzerland!

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