Hidden Gems of the Adriatic

5 Extraordinary Hidden Gems of the Adriatic

Whether you’re planning to cruise along the Adriatic coast this summer, or you’re just looking for that one perfect summer destination, this blog post is the one that will show you the best little (or not so little) cities along this amazing coast. We’re about to show you 5 extraordinary hidden gems of Adriatic that are the perfect coastal vacation destination.

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Let’s start exploring the Adriatic coast…

Kotor, Montenegro

If you’re planning to visit the Adriatic coast, the little country of Montenegro is a must. It’s a small country with so many great places to visit. One of the best cities and the second largest port of Montenegro is Kotor – an amazing walled city set in the Boka Kotorska bay. Visit Kotor and enjoy the Old Town – you’ll see one of the most amazing fortifications ever, it’s around 5 kilometres long city walls, that climb up to the hill. When you climb up to the highest point, you’ll experience the most amazing view of the bay. The Old Town of Kotor is home to a number of fascinating medieval churches, cathedrals, palaces, museums and narrow streets, so be sure to explore it thoroughly and don’t be afraid to get a bit lost.

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Perast, Montenegro

If you visit Kotor, we recommend visiting a nearby small town called Perast, too. Only about 400 people actually live there, and we consider them very lucky. Perast might be the quietest place in Montenegro, but it’s also one of the most beautiful places, too. There is only one street winding through the centre of this charming little town, but there you can find 16 gorgeous churches and 17 grand palazzos. Also, while you’re in Perast, hop on a boat and visit the island and church Gospa od Škrpjela (Our Lady of the Rocks) – it will leave you breathless.

Hidden Gems of the Adriatic

Hidden Gems of the Adriatic

Mljet, Croatia

This time we won’t talk about our beloved but too obvious Dubrovnik, instead we’re going to mention an island set very close to that amazing city, and the island is Mljet.

Mljet is located near Dubrovnik, just off the coast of Pelješac and is considered as the greenest Croatian island. It is home to the Mljet National Park, one of eight Croatian National Parks, that stretches over almost 5400 hectares. Two deep bays filled with a combo of sea and fresh water, known as Malo jezero and Veliko jezero (Small Lake and Great Lake) are the most famous locations of this area. Other landmarks include the Odyssey’s Cave, and one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Croatia, the Saplunara beach.

Hidden Gems of the Adriatic

Omiš, Croatia

Omiš is a special little town in Croatia, set near Split, at the place where the Cetina river meets the Adriatic Sea. The scenery surrounding this small city is legendary – three mountains and their huge cliffs, the river and the Sea. Because of all of this, Omiš is a true paradise for any adventure seeker – there are so many possibilities here, such as rafting on the Cetina river, kayaking along the coast, climbing the cliffs, hiking… But if you came here just to rest – don’t worry, the beaches are amazing and there are so many quaint cafe bars and some of the best pebble and sandy beaches in Dalmatia. Also, here you’ll find quite a few amazing fortresses. Some are harder to reach than the others, but it’s definitely worth it.

Hidden Gems of the Adriatic

Polignano a Mare, Italy

Well, this might not be exactly a hidden gem since it is a quite popular tourist resort, but we’re sure that you wouldn’t think of Polignano a Mare for your vacation.

Polignano a Mare is set about 40 minutes south of Bari, along the Adriatic coast. This place is full of whitewashed houses hanging on the side of a cliff and great tiny restaurants selling the freshest seafood. The town is beautiful with diverse styles of houses, balconies and alleys, you can see Arabian, Spanish, Byzantine and Norman style. Then there is this amazing beach formed by a break between two cliff faces with crystal clear water. Also, there are a lot of caves along the shore, so hop on a little boat and start exploring.

Hidden Gems of the Adriatic

We loved every one of these little towns on the coast of Adriatic, each one of them makes a perfect vacation destination. Also, there are a lot of towns worth exploring set near these ones, so hit the road (or sea?) and start exploring, you will not be disappointed.

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