5 Most Beautiful Towns in Austria

5 Most Beautiful Towns in Austria

Austria is a country with so many beautiful and well-preserved old towns, and it also amazes with stunning landscapes – there is something for everyone! As we have already written extensively about Austria’s capital Vienna, today we are focusing on other cities worth visiting. Enjoy our recommendations for the 5 most beautiful towns in Austria!


Set close to the German border, Salzburg, with its 12 centuries of history, is definitely on the top of our list. Actually, it’s not only on the top of our list, it is also considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in central Europe. If you are a fan of baroque architecture, you will definitely love Salzburg’s well-preserved old town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Check out its amazing castles, gorgeous churches, and Mozart’s birthplace and residence. Our special tip: Climb up Gaisberg Mountain for an adrenaline boost and amazing views!

Salzburg is always worth a visit.


Alpbach, a Tyrolian gem, is a smaller place but very popular because of its unique beauty. It is said to be the most beautiful village in Austria with its typical timber houses and floral decorations, so it’s the perfect location in spring and in the summertime. However, it’s even more amazing in winter because it is also a famous family-friendly ski resort with over 100 km of skiing slopes and 45 ski lifts – it’s actually one of our favorite winter destinations!

Alpbach is known for its typical timber houses with floral decorations.


Graz (Slovenian Gradec – meaning “little castle”) also shouldn’t be missing on our list about our favorite Austrian cities.  It is considered to be the northernmost Mediterranean city with its narrow, cobbled streets, and renaissance vibe. The old town feels especially Italian and is pretty well preserved – it’s another UNESCO World Heritage site. Did you know? It’s particularly known for its striking red rooftops. Walk up the stairs at Schlossberg for a view of the city’s skyline and see for yourself what we’re talking about. You will also notice the Museum of Contemporary Art (“Kunsthaus”), that has been nicknamed “The Friendly Alien” due to its distinctive shape.

For further information about Graz, check out our attraction page!

One of the landmarks of Graz are its characteristic red rooftops.


Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol and is set pretty high up  in the Alps. Therefore, it offers many possibilities to practice winter sports,and  it even hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 1964 and 1975. Just like most Austrian cities, it has a gorgeous old town that invites you to wander around and explore the narrow streets.  In case you get tired of walking, hop on a cable car and go up to Nordkette – Austria’s largest nature park. You’ll enjoy a 20 minutes ride with an amazing view over the city. Alternatively, you can also check out one of the nearby skiing resorts in winter and enjoy perfect skiing conditions.

5 Most Beautiful Towns in Austria Innsbruck

Innsbruck is located directly in the alps. © Zairon / CC BY 4.0


On the banks of Lake Hallstatt, surrounded by the gorgeous Salzkammergut Mountains, you find one of Austria’s most charming towns – Hallstatt. Once only accessible by boat or mountain trail, it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Austria today and – of course – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s such a small town with so much to offer – amazing cobblestoned streets and squares, 16th-century buildings built in stone and wood, and an adorable shoreline. So picturesque – especially in spring and summer when the surrounding trees turn green.

Salzburg is so picturesque!

This is just the top of our list of most beautiful towns in Austria, we could go on for hours. If you feel like we’ve missed some places, let us know!

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