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5 Most Beautiful Towns in Austria

5 Most Beautiful Towns in Austria
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Austria is a country with so many beautiful and well-preserved old towns and many amazing ski resorts – there is something for everyone that is eager to visit. We wrote a lot about Vienna, the capital, so we will skip it this time and tell you about other amazing towns in this beautiful country. We bring you our list of 5 most beautiful towns in Austria, enjoy and add them to your bucket list.

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Let’s get to know Austria a little more…


Set on the German border, this city with 12 centuries of history is definitely on the top of our list. Actually, it’s not only on the top of our list, but it is also considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in central Europe. If you are a fan of architecture, you will definitely love Salzburg’s well-preserved baroque-styled old town that is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Check out its amazing castles, gorgeous churches and Mozart’s birthplace and residence and climb up to the Gaisberg Mountain for an adrenaline boost and amazing views.

5 Most Beautiful Towns in Austria Salzburg


Alpbach, Tyrolian gem is a smaller place but very popular because of its unique beauty. It is voted to be the most beautiful village in Austria with its typical timber houses and floral decorations, so it’s perfect in the spring and summertime. It’s even more amazing in the winter because if its famous family-friendly ski resort with over 100 km of ski pistes and 45 lifts – it’s one of our favourite winter destinations.

5 Most Beautiful Towns in Austria Alpbach


Graz (Slovene Gradec – a little castle on the top of the hill) is one of our favourite Austrian cities, for sure. It is considered to be the northernmost Mediterranean city with its narrow, cobbled streets and renaissance vibe. Located near borders it took something from Italy, Central Europe and Balkans – that is why it feels so Mediterranean and on the other side, much German. The old town feels especially Italian and it’s pretty well preserved – it’s another UNESCO World Heritage site. Also, Graz is the perfect destination if you are a shopping maniac.

5 Most Beautiful Towns in Austria Graz

© Bernd Thaller


Innsbruck is the capital of the Tyrol region that is set pretty high in the Alps and offers many possibilities in the winter time, it even hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 1964 and 1975. It has an awesome old town, just like most of the Austrian cities, and it’s one of the main attractions here. In case you get tired of wandering through its streets hop on a cable car and climb up to Nordkette – Austria’s largest Nature Park. You’ll enjoy 20 minutes ride and an amazing view over the city. Or you can go to one of the surrounding ski resorts and enjoy the nature and the snow.

5 Most Beautiful Towns in Austria Innsbruck

© Zairon / CC BY 4.0


On the Hallstatter Lake, surrounded with the gorgeous Salzkammergut Mountains lies one of the most charming Austrian towns – Hallstatt. Once only accessible by a boat or mountain trail, today it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Austria and – of course – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s such a small town with so much to offer – amazing cobblestoned streets and squares, 16th-century buildings built in stone and wood and an adorable shoreline. So picturesque – especially in spring and summer when everything around it gets green.

5 Most Beautiful Towns in Austria Hallstatt

This is just the top of our list of most beautiful towns in Austria, we could go on and on… There is so many of them. Let us know if we forgot any that are on your list, we would love to know.

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