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5 reasons why Norway is the best place to be a book writer

why Norway is the best place to be a book writer
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Are you a writer? Thinking of publishing a book? Then you will be definitely interested to find out why Norway is the best place to be a book writer.

Norway itself is known for many things. Some people know it for its amazing nature and landscapes.

For others, Norway represents one of the richest countries in the world.

Oil baby!

But no matter how you see this country, you must admit they are a pretty organized group of 5 million people. Everything seems to be working smoothly here.


Today’s article is supposed to show you why Norway is the best place to be a book writer, so let’s get to that.

Here are the 5 reasons that will make think of a Norway as something completely new, “the country of books and writers”.

1. Adult literacy rate here is 100%!

At least that’s what CIA World Factbook says.

2. Government cares about the culture

All published material in Norway is required by law to be deposited in the National Library and the library is currently digitizing everything in its collection. Everyone in the country will be able to view the material free online.

3. Government also motivate you to write

In case you decide to publish a book and the book passes quality control, Arts Council Norway will purchase 1,000 copies of it to distribute to libraries! In case you decide to publish a book for kids, they will purchase from you 1,550 copies! This way they keep alive many small publishers that could not otherwise exist. Cool, right?

4. Deep discounting of new books is strictly prohibited

This protects booksellers from the likes of Amazon, and it also means that the profits from blockbuster titles, which would otherwise be the most heavily discounted, subsidize all other books to an even greater degree than they do here.

5. The country helps writers directly

Renowned artists receive a guaranteed income, generally until retirement, and others are eligible for one- to five-year work grants. All this helps secure a place for Norway in world literature, what a considerable challenge when your language is read by so few people.

There you have it guys. Top 5 reasons why Norway is the best place to be a book writer. Top 5 reasons that put Norway on the top of yet another list.

To be honest, there were many more things we could include in this list, but then you will all want to move there to live.

But honestly speaking, wouldn’t it be good to live in Norway?   

We want to thank for providing us with information to write this article.

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