Best Places to Visit in Asia Kyoto, Japan

7 Best Places to Visit in Asia in 2020

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Are you looking for a getaway from Europe? There are plenty of exotic and interesting destinations all around the world, but this time we recommend traveling to Asia. It’s a totally different continent, with unique and interesting cultures, that you will love exploring. If you need some ideas for Asian destinations, keep reading — we bring you the 7 best places to visit in Asia.

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Tokyo, Japan

Tokio might be the most popular Asian destination, and it’s no wonder — it has it all! From the amazing cultural and historical heritage, a great sense of technology and fashion, to extraordinary nightlife — you’ll see a lot of things in the Japanese capital. Explore the city to find its brightly painted shrines and temples — they’re mostly open to the public, so you can explore them freely. The oldest shrine in Tokyo is the Sensoji Shrine, which is a perfectly calm and relaxing spot in this pretty hectic city. Walk around the city to see some interesting fashion and design trends — visit Harajuku neighborhood, which is the epicenter for kawaii fashion. When you decide to visit Tokyo, we recommend you to book your trip for the end of March/beginning of April — it’s the time when the cherry blossom shows up, and that’s surely the most picturesque scene in Japan.

Best Places to Visit in Asia Tokyo, Japan

Hectic Tokyo

Beijing, China

Beijing, China’s capital for more than 800 years, is the perfect mixture of history and modernity, with so many remnants of China’s imperial past, and the world’s largest collection of grand tourist sights that will take your breath away. One such thing that you must see, that also might be the reason for many visits to Beijing, is the Great Wall of China — the greatest manmade structure in the world. Also, visit the Forbidden City — the largest preserved ancient sight in the world, that will open its Qianlong Garden for the first time ever in 2020. When you arrive in Beijing you will be stunned by its airport, which is currently the largest airport in the world, and that is only one sign of Beijing development over the last years.

Best Places to Visit in 2020 Beijing, The Great Wall of China

Beijing, The Great Wall of China

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the perfect destination if you are a passionate beachgoer. We recommend visiting the village of Kuta – it’s the oldest beach resort in Bali. There are many beaches around Kuta, some are perfect for sunbathing while others are more for diving or surfing – you’ll find the perfect one for yourself for sure. No matter where you spend your time, you’ll have a great time to relax, enjoy the sun and the perfect sea. One of the best things that we visited in Kuta is the Bali Sea Turtle Society. They protect the eggs of these wonderful creatures and when they hatch, they are being returned to the sea. If you donate some money, you can help them get into their natural surroundings – it’s a unique experience.

Top 5 Destinations to Travel in May

Beaches of Bali

Kyoto, Japan

Japan is full of astonishing destinations, and the ancient city of Kyoto is surely one of them, it’s even our favorite destination in Japan. This is definitely the best place to travel to if you want to get to know authentic Japanese culture and see more of those beautiful cherry blossoms. Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, is home to 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Byodo-in Temple whose Phoenix Hall is one of the most beautiful buildings in Japan, Nijo samurai castle, and many others. There are 1600 temples in Kyoto, and all we can say is that they’re all stunning, so take your time and see as many as you can. Be sure to visit Fushimi Inari Taisha — the most important Shinto shrine in Kyoto, and definitely one of the most beautiful buildings. In Kyoto, you’ll get to know a little bit about geisha — if you visit in April you can attend the Miyako Odori festival, and see their live performances. Explore this gorgeous city, enjoy the culture, its amazing food and all of those stunning landmarks.

Best Places to Visit in Asia Kyoto, Japan

Fushimi Inari Taisha — the Most Important Shito Shrine in Kyoto


If you love experiencing different cultures, Singapore is the right destination. Singapore has four official languages; English, Tamil, Malay and Mandarin and it also celebrates the national holidays of many different religions. Also, you can enjoy culinary experiences from different countries as well as visiting many different places of worship. But besides that, you should know that there are some awesome beaches over there! The perfect one is for sure Palawan beach with swaying palm trees, white sand, blue-green water, and lively beach bars.

Best beach cities

Beaches of Singapore

Bangkok, Thailand

Same as many other cities on this list, Bangkok is a city with extraordinary cultural heritage, historical landmarks, and interesting food scene. Different from some cities on this list, Thailand was never colonized, so you won’t see the Western influence in its culture — it’s the most authentic culture in this part of the world. Bangkok’s historical architecture is unique and quite impressive, and millions of visitors come to admire it each year. Don’t miss to visit some of the most impressive landmarks, such as the Grand Palace with gold plated walls, admirable Buddhist sculptures, and elaborate paintings. Bangkok has an admirable nightlife, as well, so do your best not to miss that experience.

Best Places to Visit in Asia Bangkok, Thailand

Streets of Bangkok

Seoul, South Korea

Even though it might not pop to your mind as an ideal Asian destination, Seoul is a quite unique and interesting city. Being very technologically and architecturally advanced, it offers a perfect blend between a well preserved cultural heritage, and new, modern landmarks. There are so many interesting historical sites that you have to visit, one of them is surely Gyeongbokgung Palace, dating back to the 14th century, and it served as the King’s household. There are also many Buddhist temples, and museums — we recommend visiting the National Museum of Korea, you’ll learn a lot about the history of this extraordinary country. Also, enjoy traditional food, as well as their nightlife.

Best Places to Visit in Asia Seoul, South Korea

Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul

If you’re wondering what’s the best time to travel to Asia, we recommend doing it in springtime, especially in May. But if you’re interested in seeing the gorgeous cherry blossoms in Japan, book your trip for the end of March/beginning of April, you will love the pink surroundings.

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