7 Best Places to Visit in Australia

7 Best Places to Visit in Australia

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Considering to visit Australia, the gorgeous down under? We highly encourage you to do so — it’s one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Australia has it all, from the amazing natural wonders, perfect beaches, to cosmopolitan cities and urban jungles. If you’re considering to visit this gorgeous country we have a few recommendations for you — here are the 7 best places to visit in Australia.

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Let’s explore down under…


Sydney is the largest metropolitan city in Australia, and we can easily say it’s the most beautiful city in this gorgeous country. While in Sydney, you must experience its harbor — go on a cruise, check out the Sydney Opera and the Harbour Bridge from this perspective before you visit them and get to admire them up close. After exploring this area, we recommend taking a walk among the streets of the Rocks district — the first white settlement established by Captain Arthur Phillip in 1788. You’ll see a variety of colonial buildings, that look very much different from any that you saw along the Harbor.

Also, you should know that Sydney is the best beach city in Australia, and one of the best ones in the world – there are over a hundred amazing beaches there. Some of the finest beaches are Bondi, Manly, Coogee, and Queenscliff and they’re known worldwide. Those are all sandy beaches, great for relaxing, sunbathing and swimming, but you can also go kayaking, surfing, diving, and snorkeling over the coral reefs.

7 Best Places to Visit in Australia - Sydney

Sydney Harbour and Opera


Melbourne is another amazing cosmopolitan city, and it is considered to be Australia’s capital of culture. The city is full of museums, art galleries, theaters, and it’s home to an amazing and vibrant music scene. This gorgeous city is full of secrets for you to discover — there are some amazing restaurants and cafes all around the city, just keep exploring its amazing streets. Besides these very urban moments, the city is full of parks, gardens, and other open spaces — the occupy almost a third of the city area.

Some of the most important things that you must see in gorgeous Melbourne are the Royal Botanic Gardens, the National Gallery of Victoria, Federation Square, and the Melbourne Cricket Ground. If you’re into shopping, check out some of the most important shopping streets: Bourke Street, Chapel Street, and the Melbourne Central Shopping Center. Also, you must check out Queen Victoria Market that has been in the same place for over a century.

7 Best Places to Visit in Australia - Melbourne

Gorgeous City of Melbourn

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Besides the gorgeous metropolitan cities, Australia is full of natural wonders that will take your breath away. One of such places is for sure the giant red rock Uluru in the Red Center of Australia, which is the most photographed natural wonder in the world. Uluru (meaning “shadowy place” ) belongs to Anangu Aboriginal people and is the place of great cultural and spiritual significance, and you can learn a lot about it if you join a tour led by Aboriginal guides and rangers.

7 Best Places to Visit in Australia - Uluru

Uluru — The Giant Red Rock in the Center of Australia


Tasmania, Australia’s southernmost state, is one marvelous island that is all about natural wonders. About 40 percent of the island’s surface is reserved as national parks and world heritage wilderness. Only about 20 minutes outside the state’s largest cities, Hobart and Launceston, you’ll find wild bushes, mountain trails or perfect beaches. Also, there are some wildlife sanctuaries where you’ll get to see the endangered Tasmanian devils.

If you’re not that into nature and wildlife, don’t worry, there are tons of other activities that you’ll love. If you’re more into experiencing new cuisine, here you can try some extraordinary dishes, visit gin and whiskey distilleries, and wineries. Also, if you’re a culture lover, you must visit Hobart’s world-class art museum — the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, and many others.

7 Best Places to Visit in Australia - Tasmania

Amazing Nature of Tasmania

Byron Bay

Looking for amazing beach towns? Byron Bay is one such destination — a coastal town in northern New South Wales which is a dream destination for passionate surfers, the spiritually minded, spa lovers, yogis, backpackers, and everyone who is looking for a nice place to relax and find a peace of mind.

One of the most famous landmarks is Byron Bay Lighthouse, one of the most powerful working lighthouses in Australia, set at Cape Byron. It’s the most eastern spot in Australia, so it’s the place where you can see the earliest sunrise. Byron Bay is also known for its breathtaking sunsets, and the things you can experience in this Aussie coastal town are just amazing.

7 Best Places to Visit in Australia - Byron Bay

Famous Byron Bay Sunset

Great Ocean Road

If you’re into road trips, in Australia’s state Victoria you’ll find the best one in the world — the Great Ocean Road. It’s the most popular tourist destination in Victoria, and it is really something special. The Great Ocean Road stretches for about 300 kilometers along the southwest coast of the state; it’s a four-hour drive without the stops, but trust us, you’ll make plenty of stops. The views along the road are just stunning, the beaches and surfing spots that you’ll find are amazing, and you’ll also find quite a few great dinings, adventure parks, and some quite breathtaking waterfalls. This is once in a lifetime experience, so take as much time as you can get and enjoy it to the max.

7 Best Places to Visit in Australia — Great Ocean Road

The Stunning Great Ocean Road

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, on the East Coast, is the world’s largest coral reef, and also the largest living structure on the planet — it’s even visible from outer space. If you’re into diving or snorkeling you will love this natural wonder. You’ll get to see all kinds of beautiful corals, over 1,600 species of tropical fish, sharks, dolphins, turtles, rays, and giant clams. Visiting this unique place on Earth should definitely be in your bucket list if you’re desiring to visit Australia.

7 Best Places to Visit in Australia - Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef — The Largest Living Structure on Earth

There are so many wonders to see in Australia, it would take you a lifetime to explore it completely. So, take any opportunity that you get and enjoy any place that you get to visit because it’s truly amazing.

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