7 Best Places to Visit in February

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The holiday season is over, but the winter mood is still on, and you might be looking for a weekend getaway, or even a ten days vacation. We got a few ideas for you — here are the 7 best places to visit in February.

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Let’s plan some February vacations…

Los Cabos, Mexico

If you’re looking for some February sunshine, visiting Mexico is a great idea. We especially recommend traveling to Los Cabos, one of the most popular Mexican vacation destinations. Los Cabos is the perfect destination if you’re interested in whale watching, and February is the peak season for this activity.

The weather is not warm enough for swimming, but it’s perfect for exploring the area. Go all the way south and visit Land’s End (El Arco) — the famous rock formation, located between Playa del Amor and Playa del Divorcio. This is a particularly romantic spot — you’ll see many couples wandering around and admiring the amazing sunset. Besides the natural wonders, be sure to check out Cabo’s famous clubs, restaurants, and spas.

7 Best Places to Visit in February 2020 - Los Cabos, Mexico

Land’s End (El Arco) in Los Cabos

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is a magnificent city in a magnificent country — Switzerland. Lying on the Geneva Lake, it is surrounded by the Alps, which create the perfect backdrop and make this city even more beautiful. This romantic destination gets even more dreamy in the wintertime when it looks like a fairy-tale city. If you’re really into fairy-tale destinations, you should know that there are quite a few castles near the city, that are worth visiting. They’re all easily accessible by a train — and train rides are so magical when it’s wintery and snowy outside.

7 Best Places to Visit in February 2020 - Geneva, Switzerland

Beautiful Geneva

Visit Chillon Castle located on a small islet on Lake Geneva — a magnificent castle with thick walls, watchtowers, a drawbridge, and dungeons straight out of legends. Exploring the Old Town of Geneva is a must — walk its cobbled streets, admire its gorgeous buildings, and find a shop where you can buy the famous Swiss chocolate. Climb the towers of St. Pierre Cathedral to get the best view of this amazing city.

7 Best Places to Visit in February 2020 - Geneva, Switzerland

Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish capital is one of the most exciting cities in Europe — there is an endless number of things to see and do over there. Visit Tivoli Gardens to enjoy the best amusement park ever, and one of the oldest, too. This place is especially magical during the wintertime. Stroll down the Langelinie promenade and check out the most famous Danish landmark — the Little Mermaid statue. Also, you have to stroll through the main pedestrian street — Strøget and let it guide you to the old town’s narrow streets. Visit Nyhavn New Harbour, a historic waterfront area with old wooden ships and tall colorful 400 years old houses, where Hans Christian Andersen lived.

February in Copenhagen is quite interesting — there are a few cool festivals held in this period of time. Our favorite might be the Copenhagen Light Festival (1-24 February), when all of the important buildings and landmarks in Copenhagen become the center of up to 40 different light installations, in order to bring the light to Copenhagen’s winter sky. In the same time period, there is another amazing festival — Vinter Jazz Festival, where you will hear the best of new and established jazz musicians.

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Colorful Copenhagen

Venice, Italy

Venice is the city with many picturesque sights, we’re pretty sure your camera (or phone) batteries will die. It’s set on 117 islands with over 400 bridges and amazing Gothic buildings — so you can imagine that there is really a lot to see. Explore the very heart of Venice — Piazza San Marco and all the landmarks that are located there. One of the most beautiful ones is St. Mark’s Basilica, it’s just beautiful and so picturesque. Wander the narrow streets of Venice or hop on a gondola and explore Venice from its many canals — or just do both.

7 Best Places to Visit in February 2020 - Venice, Italy

Gondolas in Venice

Venice might be a bit chilly in February, but this is surely one of the best months for traveling to this Italian city. There are so many cozy cafés and trattorias where you can warm up and enjoy Venice’s mood. But one of the top reasons for visiting Venice in February is for sure the magnificent Carnevale, which brings life and color to these wintery days. Go to the St. Mark’s Square and see the most beautiful masks and costumes, and admire the parades both in the streets and in the canals.

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7 Best Places to Visit in February 2020 - Venice, Italy

Famous Carnival in Venice


Zanzibar, known as the “Spice Island” is located on the east coast of Africa, and has the perfect climate all year round. This island is the home to many perfect beaches and warm tropical waters. Besides natural wonders, it has a pretty rich cultural and historical heritage. This unique place on Earth is a unique mixture of cultures, influenced by the Middle East, Africa, and the Portuguese, so prepare yourself for some serious exploring of Zanzibar’s culture.

7 Best Places to Visit in February 2020 - Zanzibar

White Sandy Beaches of Zanzibar

February is one of the hottest and driest months on Zanzibar, and that makes it one of the most popular times to visit this stunning island. It’s the time when you’ll have the best time for enjoying its perfect white beaches. Also, if you’re interested in snorkeling and diving in the warm waters of Zanzibar, February is your month.

7 Best Places to Visit in February 2020 - Zanzibar

Lovely Weather, Zanzibar

Byron Bay, Australia

Looking for more amazing beach towns? Byron Bay is one such destination — a coastal town in northern New South Wales, Australia, which is a dream destination for passionate surfers, the spiritually minded, spa lovers, yogis, backpackers, and everyone who is looking for a nice place to relax and find a peace of mind.

7 Best Places to Visit in Australia - Byron Bay

Byron Bay Sunset

One of the most famous landmarks is Byron Bay Lighthouse, one of the most powerful working lighthouses in Australia, set at Cape Byron. It’s the most eastern spot in Australia, so it’s the place where you can see the earliest sunrise. Byron Bay is also known for its breathtaking sunsets, and the things you can experience in this Aussie coastal town are just amazing.

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7 Best Places to Visit in February 2020 - Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay Lighthouse

St. Petersburg, Russia

If you’re more into experiencing the real winter than seeking warm beaches, St. Petersburg is the right place for you. St. Petersburg and frozen Neva river look like a real-life fairy tale in winter (even when the winter festivities are over), one of the most beautiful winter destinations. The city’s landmarks and canals are just stunning — there’s just so many things to see. You have to visit the Hermitage museum, it’s palaces and gardens. Also, be sure to check out the Palace Square (similar to the Red Square in Moscow — read more in our previous blog post: “A Quick Guide to Moscow: Top 10 Things to Do in Moscow“), where the major historical events occurred, and the important political ceremonies are still held. Wander the streets of this awesome city, and it’s canals if you get the chance.

7 Best Places to Visit in February 2020 - St. Petersburg, Russia

Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg

Yes, it’s Russia and it’s pretty cold but not as cold as some other places in Russia usually get. It’s usually between 8 and 13 Celsius degrees below 0, and in some other cities, it gets to -40. When you get too cold, we recommend to visit a spa, there is many of them (and they cure everything). Oh, and definitely dress something really warm.

7 Best Places to Visit in February 2020 - St. Petersburg, Russia

Wonderful St. Petersburg

So, whether you’re seeking for some sunny destinations or a winter wonderland, there are plenty of places to visit in February. We’re sure you just can’t wait for this vacation, so you can’t make the wrong decision. Just pack your bags and enjoy!

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