Reasons to Explore Serbia: Lovely Novi Sad

7 Reasons to Explore Serbia

We do love Europe and all of its countries, but some of them are just a bit extra special and make you feel like you’re in the best place in the whole world. One such country is Serbia — a yet undiscovered gem of our lovely continent. If you’re looking for new places to learn about, we bring you 7 reasons to explore Serbia, both digitally and on spot.

Belgrade — the Majestic Capital

The first reason to visit and explore Serbia that comes to our mind is its lively capital — Belgrade. This is a city with a unique atmosphere and the spirit you will fall in love with! Everything about Belgrade is worth your time. The people, the food, the streets, the architecture, its natural surroundings, history… All of these things will captivate you — you’ll never want to leave.

Also, you’ve heard about world-famous Belgrade nightlife, haven’t you? Whether you’re a night-club type of person, or you prefer to chill in a pub or a café, you’ll find a place where you’ll enjoy the true Belgrade spirit you’ll love. We’ve recently visited Belgrade for a day, and if you’re curious to know what is there to explore in 24h, check out the blog post on the following link: “Visit Belgrade: How to Explore Belgrade in 24 Hours

If you’d love to learn more about Belgrade before you get the chance to visit there and feel its remarkable spirit, find our tours and guides for Belgrade on the Cultural Places platform.

Visit Belgrade: How to Explore Belgrade in 24 Hours
Gorgeous Knez Mihailova Street in Belgrade

Lovely Vojvodina

Just north of Belgrade, you will find a calmer part of Serbia — a province called Vojvodina. This beautiful province is set in the Pannonian Plain and you can imagine that the setting is, well, plain. But this gives its lovely cities a special charm and that slow and calm vibe that they’re known for.

Novi Sad (Hungarian: Újvidék) is the most popular destination in Vojvodina and it’s a real jewel! It’s the second-largest city in Serbia and the capital of province Vojvodina, a real cultural melting pot with 26 ethnic groups, six official languages, and so many things that you have to see and experience. Looking for a guide to this lovely city? Check out this blog post: “Ultimate Travel Guide to Novi Sad

Reasons to Explore Serbia: Lovely Novi Sad
The main square in Novi Sad — a lovely city in Vojvodina

Besides Novi Sad, we recommend you visit Subotica (Hungarian: Szabadka) — the northernmost city in Serbia, set right on the border with Hungary, and a real gem of Art Nouveau architecture in Central Europe.

There are more amazing cities in Vojvodina, such as Kikinda, Sombor, Zrenjanin, and many more. In each of these cities, you will get the feel of Vojvodina, which is so different than the rest of the country and resembles Central Europe very much.

Subotica City Tour- Raichle Palace
Stunning Raichle Palace in Subotica
© Tourists Organization of Subotica

Extraordinary Natural Wonders

Exploring a country does not only mean visiting its best-known cities but also getting familiar with its natural surroundings. Serbia does have quite a few spots in nature that will leave you breathless. There are so many National Parks you could visit and admire the wonders of nature. One of those is Tara National Park, set on Tara mountain — the most beautiful mountain in Serbia.

Just take a look at its glorious rivers, the perfect blue waters of Uvac meandering through the canyon, Đavolja Varoš (“Devil’s Town”) with more than 200 peculiar rock formations, and even Deliblato sands — the largest desert in continental Europe.

Reasons to Explore Serbia: Meandering Uvac river
Meandering Uvac river
(cc) Sasapokimica / CC BY-SA 4.0

Serbia is known as the land of waters, so there are more natural sights that include this source of life. There are so many springs all around the country and some of them are definitely tourists attractions. One of them is the Krupaj spring set in the lush green forest. Also, investigate a little bit about rivers all around the country. So many of them have beautiful beaches where you can enjoy your summer.

Fruška Gora National Park

Fruška Gora is a National Park in Serbia that we just have to mention separately, due to the many special features it hides. Set just outside the city of Novi Sad, this mountain rises above the flat grounds of Vojvodina, and it is often referred to as “Serbia’s jewel”. This mountain is the home to a plethora of flora and fauna; it is where you’ll find the largest concentration of linden trees in Europe and about half of all bats in Serbia. Besides just being an amazing park, Fruška Gora is the place with the best vineyards, orchards, hilltop farms, and so many tranquil monasteries.

Reasons to Explore Serbia: Fruška Gora National Park
Fruška Gora National Park
(cc) Lightstalker200 / CC BY-SA 3.0

Delicious Food

When in Serbia, you have to be aware that you will eat some good food and that you will eat a lot! The south of the country, especially the town of Leskovac, is the most popular for its meaty delicacies. It’s where you’ll have Leskovački roštilj — the best grilled meat in this region that you’ll ever try! Leskovački roštilj is made mostly from beef, and it’s very very spicy, grilled on an open fire and that makes it so juicy and tasty. The most popular meal from this type of grill is Leskovačka pljeskavica, and it’s an official brand of Serbia.

Balkans street food Leskovacki rostilj
Leskovački roštilj — the best grilled meat in the Balkans region
(cc) Steven Depolo /CC BY-SA 2.0

Spas … Spas Everywhere!

We already mentioned that Serbia is full of springs, but we did not say that many of them are actually thermal springs. Many spas are built around those springs, making them the best used natural wealth of Serbia. The use of thermal springs around Serbia can be traced back to Roman times when they were used a lot, and to the times of Ottoman occupation when many Turkish baths were built.

Some of the most popular spas in Serbia are Vrnjačka Banja, Sokobanja, Niška Banja, Banja Koviljača, and others (banja = spa).

Heartwarming People

You could say that people all around the world are sweet and welcoming to the tourists that visit their country, but people in Serbia are something else. They are so heartwarming and nice, they will definitely make sure that you leave their place with only good memories and a belly full of delicious food.

After all of this being said, do you have any reason not to visit and explore Serbia? Start by exploring it digitally, at least for now, and make yourself familiar with it before you get the chance to visit.

We recommend you start with exploring Belgrade, its lovely capital, through many tours you will find on our Cultural Places platform.


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