Cultural Places’ CMS: Audio Guide Creation Made Easy

Audio guide creation is easy with our new feature  – you can upload text, audio files, and images in our own CMS and offer them on our platform as audio guides.

Our Audio Guide Platform

We have been offering audio guides on our Cultural Places platform (web and app) for several years. The guides were developed with our partners from the art, tourism, and culture sectors and made available to cultural tourists. These include the Vienna Secession, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Kunsthaus Graz, and many more. When using Cultural Places’ services, there is no need to design and implement separate systems, and there is no need for continuous maintenance either. The audio guide creation is done centrally, and the guides are visible in the app as well as on the website. We also promote our platform and the organizations represented there in regular marketing campaigns.

New Features in our CMS – from Audio Guide Creation to Ticketing

Content creation has been made easy! Audio guides, profile pages with general information, and much more can be created or updated by you at any time in our new content management system (CMS).

Our CMS guides you step-by-step through the process of audio guide creation. In addition to audio, descriptive texts, images, or even videos round off the digital audio guide, help the guide’s users with orientation, and/or provide additional information.

Not only audio guide creation, but also changes are easy and fast to implement. For example, if you add a new exhibit or temporarily loan one off-site, take new pictures of artworks, want to add a new spot, or if you have a special promotion, change your opening hours, etc., this can be updated with a few clicks and is immediately visible on the web and in the app.

The guides can be used for various applications, such as city tours, individual exhibitions, historical buildings or entire museum complexes, and much more.

Integrated ticketing is another useful function, where museums, exhibition houses, and other cultural organizations can also sell their tickets online via the Cultural Places platform. The secure system is easy to use – for example, only a smartphone is needed to validate tickets.

Examples of our Digital Audio Guides

Several renowned cultural organizations are already represented on our platform with audio guides. For example, you can explore the exterior of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, complete with supplementary images which show users details that are often difficult to discover with the naked eye.

Another application example is the pop-up exhibition of the Hotel Sacher from 2021: for a few weeks, a part of the café was converted into an exhibition about the hotel’s history and the original Sacher cake. Additional to the audio guide, ticketing was handled by Cultural Places, which had the advantage that no separate system had to be implemented. Included in the ticket price was the digital audio guide, which is still available on Cultural Places now that the exhibition is over.

The Vienna Secession was one of our first customers; they offer a guide about the premises and the (building) history of the Secession as well as an outdoor guide that locates the Secession and its history in the surrounding area.

Create Digital Audio Guides Now

We offer different packages for different needs – there is something for all organizations and individuals! Depending on how many audio guides in how many languages, or whether ticketing is included, our packages are suitable for tour guides, museums, and other cultural organizations, cities, municipalities, and many more.

More information is available on our website, and our marketing team will be happy to answer any questions at


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