Best Cities to Visit in Germany - Munich

There’s More Than Just Berlin: 5 Best Cities to Visit in Germany

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Germany is a beautiful country that has it all – from little villages and real-life fairy-tale castles to modern, huge cities with numerous skyscrapers. We already mentioned 5 cities in Germany that you must visit in one of our previous blog posts, but there is so much to see in Germany that we decided to create the part two of that post. So, here we bring you 5 more of the best cities to visit in Germany.

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Let’s explore some of those gorgeous cities in Germany…


Berlin is an amazing and huge city – it’s nine times larger than Paris and it has more bridges than Venice. It has two city centers, over 170 museums, and 18 universities. Pretty impressive, right? With all of its cultural places and interesting history, it is really worth visiting and learning about it.

Once you get there, there are quite a few things that you must do. One of such things is Brandenburg gate – it’s so old and it witnessed so many historical events that it’s almost unbelievable. Just think that you’re standing in the exact same place that Napoleon once stood… Amazing! Also, you can’t go to Berlin and miss visiting the Reichstag – a place where Germany’s federal parliament (Bundestag) meets, or glorious Berlin Cathedral (German: Berliner Dom) with amazing façade and even more amazing interior.

Most Iconic Landmarks in Europe Brandenburg gate

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Berliner Dom at Night

Berliner Dom at Night
© Ansgar Koreng / CC BY 3.0 (DE)

If you’re curious to find some tips for traveling to Berlin, check out our blog Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting Berlin and be sure to download our Cultural Places App and find media guide through this extraordinary city.


Munich, the capital of Bavaria, set on the Isar river, is known for its super famous Oktoberfest, one of the top 5 football teams in the world – Bayern Munich, and perhaps the best quality of life in Germany. Munich – a dream destination in Germany, is also home to several opera houses and theaters, where we recommend taking a visit to the National Theatre.

Best Cities to Visit in Germany - Munich

View over the Old Town of Munich

But your first stop on your discovery of Munich should definitely be Marienplatz, where you will see the most beautiful old town in the entire country of Germany, the highlight being the New City Hall and the Old City Hall. What is especially interesting is that in the Middle Ages, right here on this exact square, many markets and tournaments were held. Just imagine the sound of old trumpets and the smell of homemade food. Also, be sure to check out the amazing Frauenkirche (Cathedral of Our Dear Lady) – the church with two iconic domes that dominate Munich skyline, it really looks astonishing and if you climb up to one of its domes you will get to experience the best views of Munich.

Best Cities to Visit in Germany - Munich

Munich: Rathaus and Frauenkirche 


Leipzig is the largest city in Germany’s federal state of Saxony and known for its vibrant art scene, influenced by its famous music composers such as Bach or Richard Wagner. Be sure to visit gorgeous St. Thomas Church (German: Thomaskirche) in the Old Town of Leipzig, you’ll get the chance to hear live performances of Bach’s music – he once served as a choir leader in this church and is now buried there.

Best Cities to Visit in Germany - Leipzig

St. Thomas Church in Leipzig

While wandering around this gorgeous Old Town, you must check out its Old and New Town Halls – both are extraordinary buildings, even though they’re built-in totally different styles.

Best Cities to Visit in Germany - Leipzig

Old Town Hall in Leipzig

Best Cities to Visit in Germany - Leipzig

New Town Hall in Leipzig

Leipzig is a city with a very interesting history – did you know that the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 was actually triggered by a peaceful demonstration by 70,000 Leipzigers a month before? This event made it known as the city of the peaceful revolution, and that day is celebrated on October 9th every year with the Festival of Lights.


Heidelberg is one gorgeous and incredibly picturesque city – it owes it to the fact that it is one of the few German cities that weren’t bombed during World War II. This means that none of its original old-world charms that fills the narrow cobblestoned streets and the baroque city center was lost during the years.

Best Cities to Visit in Germany - Heidelberg

Rooftops of Heidelberg

Heidelberg is also known for its world-famous University of Heidelberg, that was the first University built in Germany and today is known to be one of the best universities in the world. Also, it hides one incredibly rich library, totally worth checking out.

Be sure to walk over the Alte Brücke (Old Bridge) that crosses the Neckar river, and to walk along the Philosophers’ way – a path said to have been walked, at least once, by every single philosopher and professor from the University of Heidelberg. Also, you must go to the Heidelberg Castle and enjoy the amazing view of the city.

Best Cities to Visit in Germany - Heidelberg

Old Bridge of Heidelberg

Best Cities to Visit in Germany - Heidelberg

The View of Heidelberg


The city of Cologne (or Köln), set on the Rhine river, is known to be the most cheerful city in Germany – there are various carnivals held every year that prove so. Cologne has a beautiful old town that is dominated by churches and museums. The most imposing one is the Cologne Cathedral – the third-largest church in the world, with its twin towers that dominate the city skyline.

Best Cities to Visit in Germany - Cologne

Cologne Cathedral in Sunset

The Rhine river and the bridges crossing over it are also a great part of Cologne’s skyline. One of the most amazing bridges is the Hohenzollern Bridge – great railway and pedestrian bridge with amazing-looking iron arches. If you visit Cologne with your significant other, get a padlock, put your names on it, clamp the padlock to seal your love forever.

Most Beautiful Riverfront Cities in Europe Cologne

Cologne Cathedral and the Hohenzollern Bridge

Stroll through the narrow, cobblestoned streets of Old Town of Cologne, you’ll stumble upon many gorgeous squares, colorful houses of the 19th century and the lively bars and restaurants where you can taste fresh local Kölsch beer.

Best Cities to Visit in Germany - Cologne

The View from Cologne Cathedral

Now that you have a decent amount of suggested German destinations, you can make a serious trip plan. Did you also know that Germany is one of the best autumn travel destinations? Be quick with your planning and visit some of these cities in October, you will not regret it.

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