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8 Things You Need to Know before You Visit Portugal

Portugal is a country that has it all: so many historical places for you to explore, extraordinary culture, gorgeous beaches, and natural surroundings, cuisine and wines you’ll love, and its home to warm and welcoming people that will make your stay even better! Exploring the country of fado and saudade was one of the best decisions we ever made, and we bring you a few tips before you decide to travel there as well — here are the 8 things you need to know before you visit Portugal.

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Exploring Athens: 8 Best Museums in Athens

Museum of the Ancient Agora

Athens is known as an amazing historical city, full of antiquities and archaeological sites, and those are the main reasons people visit Athens.  It’s mind-blowing cultural and historical heritage is housed in its countless museums. If you’d like to learn about the incredible history of Greece and of the city of Athens, we’ve got you covered. Here we list 8 best museums in Athens that will surely satisfy your craving for knowledge while at the same time offering up amazing views, gardens, and architecture.

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What to Do in Vienna: Explore the Most Impressive Buildings

Ultimate Guide to Vienna: State Opera House

Vienna is one remarkable city, full of historical places worth exploring. There are so many extraordinary buildings to be found in Vienna — it’s a dream destination for any architecture-lover. So if you’re wondering what to do in Vienna, here are some recommendations — check out its most impressive buildings.

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Explore the 6 Most Picturesque Places in Athens (With Photos)

Top 6 Instagrammable Places in Athens

Athens is a city in which to get lost in the narrow streets of its historic center, where you see antiquities everywhere, explore some trendy neighborhoods, and where you can enjoy amazing food. In Athens, you are spoilt for choice of the picture-perfect places — every corner has something unique you will want to capture in a photo. Here, we list the 6 most picturesque places in Athens you will want to take pictures of before you leave.

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Best Historic Things to Do in Vienna (with photos)

Best Historic Things to Do in Vienna - The Belvedere Palace

Vienna is an amazing, beautiful city with history so rich that it will take some time for you to grasp it. If you’re seeking some information about the ways to learn a little bit of Viennese history keep reading — we bring you the best historic things to do in Vienna. You will discover a little bit about Vienna’s beautiful castles, palaces, and churches, as well as about its amusing culture and history.

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What to Do in Zagreb for Halloween? The Bewitched Story

What to Do in Zagreb for Halloween? The Bewitched Story

Are you tired of spending another Halloween in your hometown, doing the same themed Halloween party and maybe trick-or-treating? This spooky-but-fun holiday is so near, and if you’re without any unusual idea, we recommend you visit Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, for a new city and Halloween experience. Wondering what to do in Zagreb for Halloween? Keep reading because we bring you the story about a spooky, mystical tour of the Medieval city of Zagreb — the bewitched story.

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Discover Hidden Gems in Serbia

Hidden gems in Serbia, Jagodina

Serbia itself is a real European hidden gem, but if you’re planning a trip around this West Balkans’ country you must be wondering which places to explore besides Belgrade, Novi Sad and maybe Subotica. Anyhow, we’d love to share our thoughts on some less popular destinations that we’ve enjoyed visiting, so check out our favorite hidden gems in Serbia.

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The Gold-Topped Jewel of Art Noveau, the Vienna Secession

What to Do in Vienna: Vienna Secession

You’re probably thinking about classical music, horse carriages, and pastries, but did you know that Vienna was also crucial in the development of modern art and Art Noveau in particular? In 1897, a group of artists founded the Vienna Secession, so they could have a place to work and exhibit at, exactly how they wanted.

The most famous of these artists is, of course, Gustav Klimt, and his famous Beethoven Frieze is the main reason to not only admire the Secession building from the outside but to also have a look inside.

But let’s start at the beginning…

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Why You Must Visit Rovinj in September

Rovinj (Rovigno in Italian) is one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia and Istria’s star coastal attraction. If you like Italy, well this is real Italy inside Croatia and you would love it. With its charming piazzas, Venetian-style houses and super delicious Mediterranean food, Rovinj is a must on every Italian&Croatian lover bucket list! Let’s see why you must visit Rovinj in September…

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HT Award for Croatian Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb and Hrvatski Telekom (Croatian Telecom) – HT have been organizing the HT Award for Croatian Contemporary Art for the eleventh year in a row, which is the largest and, at the same time, oneof the most important awards for contemporary visual creativity in Croatia.

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