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Cultural Places — Cultural Travelers’ Platform is Live

Cultural Places

Cultural Places web platform is live! We are extremely proud to announce that the web version of our Cultural Places App is finally live and ready for you to use — now on every device that you love using.

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Balkans Street Food – The Heaven in Your Mouth

Balkans street food

No travelling experience is complete without trying some traditional food from the place you’re visiting. Street food is everyone’s favourite food to experience, and especially in the Balkans. Balkans street food is something special, its tradition goes at least five centuries back. In this blog post we bring you the best of the Balkans street food, so keep reading, we hope you’re not too hungry.

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14 Tips for Travelling on a Budget

Tips for Travelling on a Budget Photograph

We love to travel and the fact that you are here, reading our blog every few days says that you love to travel, too. Actually, we can’t get enough of travelling and there’s no money in the world that could pay for all the travels that we want to do because let’s face it – travels can get a bit pricey. This is why we always love finding new tips for travelling on a budget and why we are giving you the list of our favourite ones.

Enjoy reading and take notes…

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Best Travel Apps that Will Change Your Travel Experience Forever

Best travel apps

Do you remember when you used to just go to the seaside by car and find you accommodation on the spot? Do you get as frustrated as we do because your flight is delayed or cancelled, and you waited for hours? Or when you get home and realise that you’ve missed some really important spots in the city that you visited? We live in a digital world and your smartphone is the one thing you just have to take with you when travelling. Why not fill it up with some awesome travel apps and make it even more useful? We bring you the list of best travel apps that made our trips much easier and sure will do the same for you.

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