CPTC – The First De-Fi Based Cultural Community

Welcome to the CPTC! The CPTC ecosystem is the first community, rewards, and funding system for culture that taps into DeFi. (= Decentralized Finance, a term used for financial services on the blockchain). Our main goal is to improve funding conditions for artists and cultural organizations as well as granting accessibility of art to a broader public.

Broadly speaking, the $CPTC ecosystem is here to support the cultural industry. It is designed to be a valuable asset & an affordable entry into the ecosystem at the same time. What will CPTC offer and include? A cultural metaverse for real world people with real world utilities.

Key Features

  • NFT Collection

CPTC offers a unique collection of 10K penguins in different human cultures. 10 countries are represented at the start. We will also offer NFT services for your museum or cultural brand.

  • CPTC Rewards

On purchase of digital and real-world art products like museum entries, audio tours of famous places. This means B2C customers get incentivized to come back to our ecosystem and your business profits from everyone’s traction.

  • CPTC Crowdfunding

Enable artists and cultural organizations to fund their projects and get in touch with exhibitors, event managers, and their audience.

  • CPTC Ticketing

The CPTC ecosystem offers a fee-attractive NFT-based ticketing solution.

  • CPTC Shop

A marketplace to provide digital and real-life experiences to our users. Clients can sell their physical and digital goods.

  • Opportunities for Backers

The ecosystem is DeFi enabled. It needs backers that ensure the liquidity and valuation of the CPTC. We reward you to stake liquidity pool tokens.

  • CPTC Community

We build a community around cultural activities around the world. #CPTC holders will be able to interact, meet and get rewarded.

  • Reputation and Governance

CPTC holders will be able to gain reputation by holding CPTC-Tokens and give the reputation to projects in need of support.

Why should you as a museum for example join CPTC? Let us summarize all the possible organizations as marketeers for the purpose of this explanation.

Advantages for Marketeers

Marketeers is the combined term we use for all the cultural organizations, tourism businesses, and individuals who offer services and more. In the cultural industry, they can easily become a part of the CPTC ecosystem and give rewards to their customers. Being a marketeer in the CPTC ecosystem comes with the privilege of minting new CPTC-Tokens – the only way to create new tokens!
Whenever you do a sale, you can mint a number of tokens directly into your customer’s wallet. For customers without a wallet our SDK offers “Etherless wallets” which you can operate transparently for your customers. As you offer certain products in exchange for rewards tokens in your shop, each token payment is burned.

Becoming a Marketeer

To become a marketeer in CPTC, the ecosystem team will have to vet you. Also, you’re required to stake an amount of at least 100 000 CPTC-Tokens in escrow. This escrow is used to ensure that you’re minting according to the rules. In case of a violation of the minting rules, the deposit is partly burned.

More questions? Read up on our Litepaper, other posts on here or ask us a question directly in our Telegram group!


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