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The Cultural Travelers’ Platform is Live: Cultural Places

Cultural Places web platform is live! We are extremely proud to announce that the web version of our Cultural Places App is finally live and ready for you to use — now on every device that you love using.

If you’re wondering what our new platform looks like and what tours we have to offer, just click on the button below and experience how we are going to redefine cultural traveling:

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Going Web

Let’s be honest, you probably want to find out what are you getting from the service you’re about to use before you come to the point of downloading the app, right? Or you just want to be able to explore and use its features on your desktop device, too, and not only on your smartphone.

We totally get that — we’re basically the same. This is why we decided to create a web platform (not to brag, but one pretty amazing web platform 😊), where our users — cultural travelers, will be able to explore their favorite destinations before they decide to download the mobile app and tour guides that we have to offer.

You — a cultural traveler can explore our best, featured mobile tours, check out recommended and nearby places, as well as some of the top places in their destination. Also, you can go through our map with points of interest explained, and find all the interesting cultural places in the city you’re about to visit.

World Map, Passport

Get Our Mobile Tours

As you may know, if you’re interested in taking one of the Cultural Places tours you must download it first. Some of those tours are free for use, and some you have to pay for. Until now, you could buy our tours only with the mobile app — via in-app purchases. Now, with the brand-new web application, you can buy our tours online, with any device, via PayPal, and use them later when you need them, even if you’re offline.

Photographing Cultural Places

Sharing is Caring

The sharing option is finally here! Yes, you can finally share your favorite cultural places with your traveler friends and show them what great mobile tours we have to offer. We highly encourage you to do so — it means tons to us 😊

Number One Cultural Travelers’ Platform

The main reason for launching this web platform is to help you — a cultural traveler to easily explore cultural places you desire to visit and to have those cultural places in your pocket — where you need them. This is our way of extending our mobile app and giving you more possibilities for exploring your favorite cultural places independently — just go get that tour, take your phone, plug in your earphones, and enjoy your travel like never before.

You can check out our new web platform by clicking the following link: Cultural Places Web Platform

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