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Digital platforms, service providers, and features have become increasingly important in the cultural sector. Read on to find out what advantages they offer and what Cultural Places has to do with them.

Digitalization in the Arts, Culture, and Travel Sectors

Digitization has long since arrived in the arts, culture, and travel sectors, as it offers many advantages and is increasingly demanded by users: people find out about exhibitions online before visiting, buy tickets for performances and events, and research reviews before booking a trip, via the websites and social media profiles of the organizations themselves or via higher-level providers. But in some cases, programs are not up to date, websites are outdated, or use is cumbersome and burdensome for operators and/or users. Especially when services or products are sold and transacted online, it is imperative to pay attention to the highest security standards. For these reasons, it can make a lot of sense not to use your own systems, but to use specialized platforms.

At Cultural Places, we cater to the arts, culture, and travel sectors, offering a variety of one-stop services and features that are useful for businesses and organizations in these fields.

Online Platforms and their Benefits for Users

When talking about online platforms, most people probably first think of internationally active, large platforms like Tripadvisor or AirBnb in the travel sector, social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, or product sales platforms like Amazon. What they all have in common is that they provide their users with a range of products, services, or features from different providers. Users don’t have to go to different websites and laboriously compare offers, prices, products, conditions, shipping costs, and more. But also smaller platforms away from Google, Amazon & co. enjoy trust in their niche and are often better suited when a special target group is to be addressed.

Cultural Places – the Online Platform for Art, Culture, and Travel

Technology, Resources, Services

Through platforms, cultural organizations can use existing technical infrastructures and do not have to develop and implement their own concepts. This not only saves time, but also costs. However, the use of a platform also makes sense in the long term, as technical problems, updates, etc. are taken over and carried out by the platform providers. Set-up and maintenance is managed by professionals and does not have to be done by the cultural organizations themselves. Cultural Places offers a proven platform (web and app) that is continuously maintained and updated to the latest technology. We provide our own CMS for clients as well as support.

Our offer includes:

– Own profile page, which can be edited at any time via our in-house developed CMS.
– Creation and sale of digital audio guides, both indoor (e.g. for museum exhibitions such as those of the Secession or Museum Angerlehner) and outdoor (e.g. for municipalities or other tour providers such as St. Andrä or Millstätter See).
– Integrated ticketing system – simply sell tickets online. This is also possible in direct connection with an audio guide, as e.g. the Hotel Sacher did for its pop-up exhibition in 2021.

And of course, we offer the infrastructure behind it, which means a platform (web & app) at a high technical level that is continuously maintained and developed. We are always happy to receive feedback, as we want to expand our platform in the directions our partners and customers need.

Joint Campaigns, New Target Groups

A common platform for art and culture offers enables museums, exhibition halls, venues, and many more to reach new target groups. For example, users search for concerts and then find exhibitions or theater performances on a platform, even though they did not specifically search for them. In this way, people can be reached who have not directly searched for a specific organization or genre. We at Cultural Places also connect our offers and activities with other platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.

Joint actions and campaigns also create synergy effects: In 2021, we raffled off vouchers and tickets from 30 organizations via social media in our “Back to Culture – Advent Calendar” and were able to reach new audiences in this way. As a result, we were able to create broad awareness for the participating organizations.

This year we are publishing the Cultural Compass Austria 2022 online and in a booklet, where museums, exhibition halls, theaters, cinemas, etc. can present themselves with their program highlights. If you are interested, we would be happy to send you more information – just write to us at!

Content, Content, Content

We also offer to take over content creation for specific areas. In the last few years we were able to realize many digital audio guides for well-known cultural organizations such as St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Vienna Secession. Furthermore, we offer the creation of podcasts and marketing texts, which are also promoted through our online channels such as social media, newsletters, and in our blog.

“Digitalize Culture Initiative” by Cultural Places

With our “Digitalize Culture” initiative, we provide cultural organizations with our platform infrastructure to support them in digitization and thus reach old and new target groups – the core is the free listing on our website including their own profile page. In addition, we offer the services and features mentioned above, such as content creation, marketing campaigns, ticketing, and a lot more.

If you are curious about our offer, you will find more information on our website and can keep up to date with our newsletter. For interested cultural organizations, we also offer regular webinars where the features of Cultural Places are explained and there is an opportunity for further exchange.

On Monday, May 5th, you can find us from 10-17h at the Travel TEC in the Austria Center in Vienna – admission is free!

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