Digital tours of Vienna: Explore Vienna on Wheels

Explore Vienna: Best Digital Tour Guides & Insider Tips

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Whether you’re lucky enough to be in the Austrian capital right now and are looking for a Vienna walking tour, or you’re at home, seeking digital ways to explore Vienna — we got you covered. There are so many Vienna tours all around the interwebs that you probably have no idea where to start. So, our Vienna-based content team took a serious number of walks around the city streets, gathered the most interesting information about the history of the beloved capital, and brought them to you in the form of awesome digital tours of Vienna that you can use at home or on the spot. Oh, be sure to stay tuned until the very end — we have some insider tips to share.

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Vienna

If you’ve never been to Vienna before, and you’re planning to explore the city for the first time (only virtually for now), this “Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Vienna” will give you the best insights. Our virtual guide Josh will take you around the city’s first district (Innere Stadt), and tell you a little bit about Vienna’s historic events and their protagonists. You’ll learn a little about the most important landmarks, such as Hofburg and its surrounding squares, a few historic churches and the secrets they hide, Rathaus (the City Hall), and many other architectural wonders around the Viennese historic city center. Also, our guide will take you to one of the most iconic Viennese cafes, but if you get the chance to actually visit it, be sure to blend among the locals as well as you can.

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Explore Vienna: Best Digital Tour Guides & Insider Tips

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Vienna: Michaelerplatz

St. Stephen’s Cathedral Guide

If you’ve listened to our previously mentioned audio guide, you’ve already heard a little bit about Viennese most important landmark — St. Stephen’s Cathedral or Stephansdom, the church which dominates the city’s skyline. With about 5,5 million visitors a year, this famous cathedral surely is one of the biggest attractions of the Austrian capital. It is located in the very center of Vienna and its spires are what make it so special, as well as its astonishing interior. There are so many interesting historical facts, stories, and legends related to the details of its façade and towers, and that is exactly what you’ll hear in our tour guide called St. Stephen’s Outdoor Experience.

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Explore Vienna: Best Digital Tour Guides & Insider Tips

St. Stephen’s Cathedral — one of Vienna’s greatest attractions

Otto Wagner and Naschmarkt Guide

Aren’t old city markets something special? Vienna has quite a few great markets, but the most popular one is Naschmarkt, a market with almost 9 centuries of history. In this market located in the city center, you’ll find all kinds of traditional and international foods, fresh fruits and veggies, but also a flea market and farmers market on Saturdays. But besides culinary highlights, this market offers architectural ones, as well: the Art Deco and Viennese Modern Age buildings by Otto Wagner. We made a unique tour guide called Otto Wagner and Naschmarkt, that connects the history of Naschmarkt with Wagner’s unique buildings. So, if you care a little bit about the history of the Viennese oldest market and want to know the stories of Linke Wienzeile buildings, head to our platform, get the tour, and enjoy.

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Explore Vienna: Best Digital Tour Guides & Insider Tips

Love for Sale in Old Vienna

Are you interested in taking one less-conventional tour and learning some dirty secrets of Viennese streets? Yes, we’re talking about prostitution in Old Vienna. We did our research and put together a digital tour which will take you through the streets of Vienna’s historic city center — you’d never know what was happening on Graben or Naglergasse before they became upscale shopping streets. In our Love for Sale in Old Vienna tour, we brought dirty secrets and all the spicy details of Viennese erotic activities to life — go get it and learn about some slightly different historic insights!

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Explore Vienna: Best Digital Tour Guides & Insider Tips

Vienna on Wheels: From Schönbrunn Palace to Stubentor

Aside from all those walking tours that help you explore the Innere Stadt — the first district, the historic city center, here comes a completely new, slightly different tour: Vienna on Wheels: From Schönbrunn Palace to Stubentor. This tour will take you, at least virtually, beyond the city center: all the way from the beautiful summer palace Schönbrunn to the old city wall Stubentor, dating back to the times when Vienna was a Roman military camp. If you’re lucky enough to be in Vienna at the moment, get yourself a bike, scooter, or Segway, get this tour guide, and enjoy the ride around the city. If you’re not in Vienna, this tour is still a great way to widen your knowledge about the Austrian capital — you’ll learn a bit more about the Viennese history and find more amazing places to add to your bucket list.

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Explore Vienna: Best Digital Tour Guides & Insider Tips

Insider Vienna-Tips

So, now you know a little bit about the city’s history, you’ve found some great digital tours of Vienna. But before you’re able to visit Vienna (hopefully soon), wouldn’t it be great to learn some basic things that will help you to blend among the locals better? We have prepared a small guide that will tell you a little bit about local culture, working hours of all places that you might need, and some important phone numbers. Also, if you’re not already familiar with the language, this guide will teach you some main phrases that could be useful. What’s best? This little guide is totally free, so check it out: Vienna Basics.

Now you have some pretty good resources for exploring Vienna, right? Even if you use them to explore it only digitally, you will have enough knowledge to guide your friends or family through the city, once you get to travel there.

We have more digital tours of Vienna to offer, and they’re all part of our #HelpingWithCulturalPlaces project, which means that with buying any of these tours you’re doing a good deed — we are donating 50% of net proceeds to the people in need all around Austria. So, go check out the tours, find your favorite ones to enjoy them from home (or on-site, later), and be proud of yourself for helping people at the same time.

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Vienna On Wheels: From Schönbrunn Palace to Stubentor


Rent a bike, Segway, or scooter and explore the best Vienna has to offer on wheels.

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