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Discover Klimt and Beethoven at the Vienna Secession 2020

Discover Klimt and Beethoven at the Vienna Secession 2020
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You probably already noticed – this year, everyone and especially Vienna celebrates the 250th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven. The composer has lived in Vienna almost its whole life, and that’s why there are a lot of events around his anniversary.

In the Vienna Secession, you can marvel at the famous “Beethoven Frieze” from Gustav Klimt. Back then in 1902, the 14th exhibition of the Association of Visual Artists of the Secession focused on Beethoven. They aimed to show the so-called “Gesamtkunstwerk” (literally translated: “total artwork”), which means that all or many different art forms come together to form a unity. Gustav Klimt was inspired by Beethoven‘s 9th symphony.

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The Secession now offers a special for its visitors to combine the works of the outstanding artists: the fourth movement of the 9th symphony can be listened to via headphones. It was played by the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Philippe Jordan.

And whoever has not had enough should definitely visit the current exhibition by Verena Dengler and Suellen Rocca! While visiting, or also from home, you can listen to more info with our audioguide – directly on your smartphone!


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