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Hello spring! Our tips for instantly getting into a spring mood

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Spring has officially started! Even if the weather is not already super warm in your area, it’s getting brighter and sunnier day by day. To deliver you some serious spring vibes, we have gathered 8 tips to instantly get you into a spring mood – so read on!

Let’s get artsy!

Creating art is said to lower stress levels and help you focus. But let’s be honest, when was the last time you really sat down to get creative and produce art? This doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch, how about getting yourself a coloring book? Yes, there are coloring books for adults too! We found this cute spring coloring book, which features a selection of 40 stunning drawings that will take you straight into spring.

Alternatively, you can also enjoy the warm, sunny weather outside to do sidewalk chalk drawings like in your good old childhood days! It might sound ridiculous at first, but why don’t you give it a shot? Also, if you have kids, it’s a nice activity for the whole family!

Sidewalk chalk drawing doesn’t have to be an activity for kids only!

Spring vibes for your own four walls

Spring doesn’t happen exclusively outside; you can also bring the flowery season straight into your home! While nature slowly awakens, it’s the perfect time to get yourself some potted plants. It doesn’t matter which plant you choose, be it a beautiful flower, some seeds to grow an entirely new plant yourself, or herbs for your kitchen.
You can also say goodbye to winter by decorating your home with bright and light colors, floral prints, or scented candles that remind you of spring. What scent represents spring for you? Perhaps citrus? Or more floral or earthy scents?

Get spring vibes with some new potted plants!

Spring on your plate

The season for fresh veggies and fruits is finally here again! Now you can get more creative in the kitchen and prepare fresh salads with seasonal produce. We’d like to share our favorite salad recipe, which you might not know already. Have you ever tried a feta strawberry salad? It’s fairly easy, just cut up strawberries, feta and cucumber, put everything into a bowl, add a little salt and pepper as well as olive oil and vinegar. For some crunch, you can also use nuts of your choice such as pine nuts, cashews, or walnuts as a topping. If you try out this recipe, let us know on our Instagram or Facebook page how it turned out!

Spring is also the season for fresh salads!

Get your wardrobe ready for the new season!

Let’s be honest, when was the last time you sorted out your wardrobe and got rid of everything you don’t need? As spring is also the season of new beginnings, cleanse your soul by separating yourself from what you don’t need and donate it for a good cause – all while making your wardrobe spring/summer ready! Now’s the time to put your warm hoodies and jumpers into the back of your closet or box them away, and bring your lighter clothes to the front. Ah! After months of being hidden, the joy of seeing all your spring/summer outfits again will get you in the right mental state for the new season in no time!

Make space for your summer clothes in your closet!

Spring cleaning – swing the duster!

It’s not only your wardrobe which needs a makeover, but also your house/apartment, right? Well, we guess it’s time for the annual spring cleaning! Blast your favorite music and scrub your apartment until it shines brighter than the sun. Speaking of the sun, to let as much sunlight as possible into your home, don’t forget to clean your windows! With the sun shining bright, dirty windows can’t be hidden anymore.

It’s time for the annual spring cleaning!

Spring reads

Once the work is done, grab a good book and dive into another world. To stick to the theme, we recommend ‘When Comes The Spring’ by Janette Oke. In this historic novel, Elizabeth, a school teacher from the eastern part of the United States, moves up north because of her husband’s job. From then on they have to master their lives together without the conveniences they are used to and adapt to the harsh winters in the north. Obviously, all of this puts their relationship under strain.

A lighter read we’d like to recommend is ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Taking place a hundred years ago in the roaring twenties, this book revolving around the past and lifestyle of mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby is a timeless classic. It should really be on your reading list, in case you haven’t already read it!

Grab a good book and escape into another world.

Spring movies

If you prefer watching movies, no worries, we got you covered with the best spring movies too. You definitely have to check out the rom-com classic You’ve Got Mail’ with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, who play business rivals who unknowingly strike up a romance online. Pay particular attention to the flower-filled ending of the movie, which makes spring look straight up gorgeous!

Another classic you shouldn’t miss is Mary Poppins the world’s most famous magical nanny. Mary has a particular umbrella with a distinctive parrot head, and she has some serious superpowers. Among others, Mary is always flying around with her umbrella! Although you might not be able to fly around with your umbrella, still don’t forget to carry one with you, as spring weather can be quite iffy at times.

What is your favorite spring movie?

Cultural Places Outdoor Guides

Our last tip is to get into spring vibes with our outdoor audio guides! No matter where you are, download the Cultural Places Audio Guides and explore cities and sights, either remotely or on the spot! If you are in Vienna, we highly recommend our bike tour that takes you from Hundertwasserhaus up to the wine hills! On this tour, you can fully delve into a spring mood when biking across the increasingly green Prater park and across the Donauinsel.


Vienna On Wheels: From Hundertwasserhaus up to the Wine Hills


Get yourself a ride and head out on this exciting tour on which you’ll catch many sides of Vienna that most visitors never see.

Learn more

Explore the Parthenon in Athens on our Acropolis Tour, discover hidden parks in Zagreb, or even virtually visit Hong Kong Park – with our audio guides there are no travel restrictions, and they’ll take you to another place in a heartbeat!

We hope you could gather enough inspiration to get you ready and excited for spring! In case you still haven’t gotten enough, check out 25 more ideas on what you can do in spring. Enjoy!

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