Enjoy culture: #HelpingWithCulturalPlaces

#HelpingWithCulturalPlaces: Enjoy Culture from Your Home & Donate

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Due to the health crisis we’re experiencing at the moment, the whole world is suffering in a certain way. The culture around the world is also feeling the consequences of this isolation we’re all in. Even though we were expecting it to hit us eventually, we had no idea how hard it would hit. We are all physically isolated, and prevented from doing any outdoor activities, which includes enjoying art and culture in real life.

But let’s face it, some people are experiencing it worse than we do, some people are struggling on a daily basis, and this situation just made it worse. This made us think hard to come up with a way to help as many people as we can, and we did it! We came up with a great digital solution for experiencing the culture while helping people in need at the same time.

People around the World Are Suffering

It’s not easy to stay at home all the time — we’re not used to it and we feel like we’re missing out on lots of fun things. You miss going out for a stroll through the streets of your favorite cities, don’t you? You also miss visiting all those cool exhibitions that were planned for the springtime, too… Well, so do we!

But we have to keep this in mind: not only us, culture consumers, are affected by this new and not-so-great situation; it’s not the worst thing in the world to not be able to go outside and enjoy the cultural places around you — there’s much more to this. We have to think about other people who were already struggling before this crisis hit us, who already needed our help, and know they need it more than ever. We have to do what we can in order to help them, and we will…

Consume Culture from Your Sofa & Donate with Us!

From all the struggles the world is going through right now, a new idea was born, and we must say that it’s a pretty amazing idea! Here in Cultural Places, we decided to do whatever we can to support the people in need and to help all of you have a little more fun during this isolation-time, too.

We are very proud to present you with our new #HelpingWithCulturalPlaces project, where you can consume all the tours around Austria from the safety of your home and help the Austrian people in need at the same time. Why people in Austria? Well, as we are a company based in Vienna, it was only logical to start this new project here, in our hometown, in our country. But don’t worry, this is only the beginning! We’re looking forward to the new opportunities and new ways of helping the people in other countries as well.

#HelpingWithCulturalPlaces: Enjoy Culture from Your Home & Donate

How it Works?

As you already know, Cultural Places is a digital product that offers you audio guides through your favorite places — now on every device you own. For the needs of this project, we rebuilt our web platform and we made it possible to watch out digital tours not only through our mobile app but also directly through the web platform. All you need is your smartphone, tablet, or computer and internet connection. For these times when we’re not allowed to go outside and make tours around cultural places, you can still learn fun stuff about those places you’re missing out on right now.

Go to our Cultural Places platform and discover the tours tagged with #HelpingWithCulturalPlaces, find the tour that you’d like to watch, and buy it with your credit card or via PayPal — it’s simple. All our tours around Vienna and Austria are tagged with #HelpingWithCulturalPlaces and are a part of this project. So if you planned to explore Vienna this spring, you still can — from your comfy sofa. Just get your smartphone, tablet, or computer, visit the Cultural Places platform, find yourself a nice Vienna tour, and enjoy exploring!

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#HelpingWithCulturalPlaces: Enjoy Culture from Your Home & Donate

With buying any of our digital tours you will donate 50% of the net price to people in need, all around Austria. We are thankful to realize this project with the support of the Austrian NGO Volkshilfe.

Volkshife is a non-party, non-profit charitable organization, founded in Vienna after WWII with the main focus on combating acute, war-related emergencies. Today they have about 9,000 employees and 25,000 volunteers all around the country, who work tirelessly for more social justice in our society. They are supporting people in Austria who are unemployed, at risk of poverty, disabled, or in need of nursing care, and we are proud to help them in their mission as well.

As we already mentioned, this project in Austria is just the beginning! Once it’s completely established, we will search for more partners to help us do the same in other countries, as well. No one deserves to suffer through these times, no one deserves to suffer at all!

We are all trying hard to make life more enjoyable in these weird days and to make things work as normal as possible. Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring and difficult at all, we can be responsible and make it fun and useful, as well! Let’s fill our days with some love towards art and culture, and, what’s the most important, for each other. Together we can make a change.

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