Our Favorite Audio Guides for Vienna Part II

As we have already taken you to some of our favorite places in part I of our favorite audio guides in Vienna, we want to continue our tour today and take you on the path of the history of music, legends of prostitutes and mistresses, and we will also reveal some more secrets the cobblestoned, narrow alleys have to tell you. Got curious? Here comes part II of our favorite audio guides!

A Music Lover’s Guide to Vienna

Do you love music as much as we do? If your answer is yes, then you definitely have to check out our “A Music Lover’s Guide to Vienna”– audio guide! You will wander on the traces of famous musicians that got inspired by Vienna’s beauty and you will see the city through their lens. You will get to meet all the big names: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms, the Strauss family, and many more! We don’t want to give away too much of all the exciting places you are going to see, but just be sure that you will get to hear a lot about the following spots: The famous Vienna State Opera can of course not be missed, such as the place where Mozart uses to live and compose some of his greatest masterpieces. Here, you can imagine what life used to be like back then. We will also take you to Musikverein, the building based on the Neoclassical style of a Greek temple, which is one of the most integral classical music concert venues in the world.

If you still need some additional reasons why to go on this extraordinary and musical tour, check out this video for more footage.

Love for Sale

Are you ready for our, let’s say, most peculiar tour that is not appropriate for all under 18 years? If you are in for some saucy details and dirty secrets from Vienna’s past, then listen up! Our audio guide “Love for Sale in Old Vienna” lets you wander on the traces of the shady sides of Vienna’s erotic activities. We’ll tell you everything, starting from prostitutes, mistresses, animal skin condoms, syphilis and wax noses,  to the relation of former emperors to prostitution. We will also take you to the places, where, let’s put it like that, all went down in former times. There was for instance Naglergasse, where prostitutes were living and working under horrendous circumstances, or the infamous brothels at Spittelberg. Here, more precisely at the brothel Witwe Bolte, which is a restaurant today,  Emperor Joseph II was kicked out in the year 1778 – rumor has it that he wasn’t paying the women.

Here, you find more glimpses into this shady tour!

Did you know that the popular restaurant “Witwe Bolte” used to be a brothel in former times?

Explore the heart of old Vienna

The first district of Vienna is definitely its tourist magnet and it is also always quite packed and bustling. But, there is more to the first district than you will see at the first glance. In our audio guide “Explore the Heart of Old Vienna”, we will take you to those exact places. Numerous historic little alleys and little courtyards only wait for you to be discovered. Located all in the busy area around Stephansplatz, you will suddenly feel as if you are immersed in a whole different world, we promise you. Every corner and cobblestone will tell you more about the genesis of the city. If you are tired, we will also recommend you one of our favorite little cafes downtown. Another highlight we don’t want to keep from you is the Greek Quarter, which got its name from the Greek community settling here after the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Our personal highlight there is the gorgeous Orthodox St. George’s Church from 1806! But actually, we don’t want to give away too much, just go on our tour and see for yourself, we are pretty sure you will be amazed!

Not quite convinced yet? In this video, you will see more impressions and reasons why this guide definitely needs to be on your bucket list.

The Greek-orthodox church is just gorgeous!

We wish you a blast while enjoying Vienna off the beaten tracks! In case you’re doing any of our audio guide tours, feel free to tag us on Instagram and share your experience!  p.s.: following us on Instagram and Tiktok is worthwhile anyways, as we always share inspiration and insights on cultural travel, the latest exhibitions, news on travel tech, the metaverse, and much more!

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