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13 Places to Visit in Croatia before You Die


With over 1,000 islands, amazing museums, sensational music festivals, spectacular rocky coast, and super clean Mediterranean sea, Croatia is a dreamy summer destination. Country unlike any other. There are just so many things you can see and do here. Whether it is its unspoiled nature, historical sights, or world-class museums, Croatia has it all.

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5 Perspectives for the Tourism Industry in 2018

The travel and tourism industry is one of the world’s largest industries today. There is no doubt about it! Tourism contributes on a global scale with more than 8 trillion US dollars and has a direct economic impact on the general GDP of a country. A number of countries, such as France and the United States, are consistently popular tourism destinations, but other, less well-known countries are quickly emerging in order to reap the economic benefits of the industry.
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Top 10 things to do in Banja Luka (2018)

Kastel Fortress

If we were to describe Banjaluka in one sentence, it would probably be “the city of amazing natural heritage, cultural monuments, green boulevards, some of the of the best festivals in the region and a place whose citizens would probably win a most hospitable award, if there was one“.

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Visit the Military Museum in Belgrade, Serbia

Military museum Belgrade

Military Museum in Belgrade, a place where history is to be told through the fabric of splendid uniforms, the sacred historical messages of decorations, the magical signs of ancient weapons, and the obligatory colors of flags from glorious battles is one of the most recognizable museums in Belgrade.

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11 Highlights for Your Vacation in Indonesia

Mount Bromo

Have you ever dreamed of wandering the busy streets of Jakarta, swimming in one the beaches in Bali, or taking a step back in time visiting Borobudur, one of the world’s most unique temples?

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The Ultimate List of the Best Museums in the World

the louvre in Paris

Museums provide the unique experience of seeing some of the greatest masterpieces of all time close up. Walking the halls of some museum gives you the chance to learn about different societies, ideas, and values. It provides you with a unique chance to navigate through the history of creative expression all in order to uncover an amazing chest of knowledge.

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Top 10 things to do in Berlin, Germany’s Capital

No capital city in the world feels quite like Berlin. Full of diversity and charm, the place has some special vibe that can hardly be explained.

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The best Selfie Spots in Vienna – (that you never knew excisted before)

Let’s admit it – we all love a good selfie. Some have it down to an art, capturing that perfect angle, the right lighting, and of course having a beautiful backdrop helps. But no matter which type of selfie you prefer, it’s needless to say that this type of self-picture taking has become one of the biggest trends in our everyday life. Even the Oxford Dictionary added the word “selfie” as an official word!

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Best of Croatia’s Night of Museums 2018 – 15 Places Not to Miss

Noć muzeja Hrvatska

It’s museum night of the year! For the 13th straight time, Night of Museums, one of the most spectacular cultural event held across Croatia, will be held on Friday 26th of January.

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A Look Behind the Scenes of Vienna’s Madame Tussauds Museum

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