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Our Favorite Audio Guides for Vienna Part II

As we have already taken you to some of our favorite places in part I of our favorite audio guides in Vienna, we want to continue our tour today and take you on the path of the history of music, legends of prostitutes and mistresses, and we will also reveal some more secrets the cobblestoned, narrow alleys have to tell you. Got curious? Here...

Our Favorite Audio Guides for Vienna Part I

Vienna, our hometown, definitely has our heart. To experience the perks the city has to offer as long as the beautiful fall weather holds up, we have put together our favorite outdoor audio guides for you to start exploring! You’ll find these and all our other audio guides on our website.

Sculpture wearing VR glasses

The Digital Space and How Museums Can Make Use of It

When thinking of a museum, most people imagine a building where pictures and sculptures are on display. The exhibitions convey knowledge, inspiration, and new perspectives on the well-known. In addition, the rooms themselves create a special atmosphere that allows us to immerse ourselves in the world of art and culture. For many, experiencing this space is a crucial part of the museum experience. But...