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CPTC – The First De-Fi Based Cultural Community

Welcome to the CPTC! The CPTC ecosystem is the first community, rewards, and funding system for culture that taps into DeFi. (= Decentralized Finance, a term used for financial services on the blockchain). Our main goal is to improve funding conditions for artists and cultural organizations as well as granting accessibility of art to a broader public.

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Innovative Crowdfunding Opportunities for Cultural Entities

Illustration about Crowdfunding


Crowdfunding is a type of fundraising in which the participation of many people ultimately raises a lot of money in order to be able to implement certain projects. The contributors often receive a small consideration and do not take a big risk due to the usually small amount.

For arts and culture organizations, funding through grants and donations is a big issue, which is why crowdfunding is also a good option. We present you with a few examples as well as our own fundraising tool!

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Crypto and Culture: What Art Has to Do with NFTs

klimt nft

NFTs are on everyone’s lips right now. But what exactly are NFTs, how can they be used and which role can they play for the art and culture industries? Why thinking of NFTs like signed trading cards will help and much more in today’s deep dive: Let’s uncover some myths around NFTs and shed light on the subject.

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