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Interesting buildings in Europe

Unique Buildings in Europe (PART TWO)

Not so long ago we published a list of 10 most unique buildings in Europe. There are so many unusual and extraordinary architectural wonders across the old continent, and it’s impossible to list all of them in one post. We’ve prepared a second part of that blog post for you, so keep reading and enjoy.

7 Best Places to Visit in March 2020

Springtime is approaching, and we are definitely looking forward to it, as it always brings great adventures! If you’re looking for some trip ideas for March, keep reading, we’re about to give you the list of our favorite destinations — the 7 best places to visit in March 2020.

5 Must-Visit Cities in Belgium

5 Most Beautiful Cities in Belgium

Belgium is quite a small country, but it sure does have many more sights to see than some larger countries. When we first visited Belgium, we went to its capital – Brussels and we loved it so much that we wondered what else is to explore in this country. That’s why we started our itinerary and were not disappointed at all. So, in this...