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5 Most Interesting Medieval Castles in Europe

5 Most Interesting Medieval Castles in Europe

Europe is an old continent, and it’s full of different architectural monuments, of many styles. Some of the most interesting buildings are surely its medieval castles. Some of them are mystical, some are scary, but one thing is sure — they are all beautiful. Making a list of the best ones is not easy, but somehow we managed to compile a list of our...

Castles in Germany

5 Most Beautiful Castles in Germany You Will Love

Did you always want to see those amazing Disney castles in real life? Well, it’s possible if you visit Germany – there are over 20k castles over there and some of them inspired famous castles from Disney movies. It’s nearly impossible to see all those castles, but in this blog post, we bring you our favourites – 5 most beautiful castles in Germany.