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5 Best European Destinations for Solo Travellers

5 Best European Destinations for Solo Travelers

Europe is full of great historic cities, lovely, welcoming people and amazing food – all of this makes it one of the best destinations for solo travellers. European cities are pretty well connected and easy to explore, safe for solo travellers and budget-friendly. In this blog post, we bring you the 5 best European destinations for solo travellers that you will love exploring by yourself.

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Top 10 European New Year’s Destinations That Are Cheaper Than You Thought

You probably think that you need a lot of money for celebrating New Year’s Eve in some of the popular European cities. What if we tell you that you actually don’t? Every one of these cities offers an open-air NYE party that is either free of admission or doesn’t cost much. So, if you still haven’t decided where to celebrate read our list of top 10 European New Year’s destinations that are cheaper than you thought and find one that you will love.

And if you are wondering what else you can see in some of those cities download our Cultural Places App and find guided tours through these cities and check out cool spots that you have to see.

Let’s start planning our NYE party…

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Top 10 London Selfie Spots: Movie Highlights

Top 10 London Selfie Spots

If you have already followed our selfie-guide to Vienna prepare yourself for more. We are taking you to London to show you the top 10 London selfie spots that you’ve probably seen in movies, so your friends can envy you for your Instagram feed.

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