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Places in Europe - Alberobello, Italy

7 Hidden Places in Europe That Will Take Your Breath Away

Europe is full of wonderful destinations everywhere you turn. You’ve probably visited a few of its larger touristy destinations or they’re on your bucket list for quite some time, but let’s face it — some of those places are often overrated and overcrowded, so their true spirit and beauty get a bit lost. We’re always excited to discover new destinations, that are maybe lesser-known...

Most Beautiful Churches in Europe - St. Stephen's Basilica

Most Beautiful Churches in Europe – PART TWO

It is always hard to choose the top 10 of anything, and so it was with 10 most beautiful churches that we did a while ago… We felt like we missed some pretty astonishing churches, so we decided to make up for it and create a “part two” of that blog post. So, if you also felt like we missed some of those gorgeous...

Places to experience Greek Easter

5 Best Places to Experience Greek Easter

Easter, or Pascha in Greek, is the greatest celebration of the Orthodox Church and is an opportunity for families to come together. Greeks follow the Holy Week rites and celebrate His Resurrection on Easter Sunday. Have you ever wondered how Greek Easter is celebrated? Let’s look at 5 places to experience Greek Easter and some of the most famous customs and age-old traditions.