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7 Reasons to Explore Serbia

Reasons to Explore Serbia: Lovely Novi Sad

We do love Europe and all of its countries, but some of them are just a bit extra special and make you feel like you’re in the best place in the whole world. One such country is Serbia — a yet undiscovered gem of our lovely continent. If you’re looking for new places to learn about, we bring you 7 reasons to explore Serbia, both digitally and on spot.

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The Ultimate Bucket List — the Best Cities in the Balkans

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Zadar

Are you looking for a great European road trip? We definitely recommend visiting the gorgeous Balkan peninsula – it is full of amazing destinations. Some of them are well known, and some are still hidden gems. Keep reading and find out what are the best cities in the Balkans and go on a road trip that you will never forget.

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5 Best Cultural Cities to Visit in the Balkans

Best Cultural Cities to Visit in the Balkans

The Balkan Peninsula, as the crossroad of many different and extraordinary cultures, has always been an interesting destination for real cultural travelers. The Balkans is full of hidden gems and some quite popular destinations, and here we bring you some of our favorites – 5 best cultural cities to visit in the Balkans.

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Petrovaradin Fortress — the Gibraltar on the Danube

Petrovaradin Fortress

When we think about Novi Sad we picture Petrovaradin Fortress – Gibraltar on the Danube standing proudly above the mighty river. For most people, it is probably the famous EXIT festival that comes to mind. Then again, EXIT is taking place on this monumental fortification with the history that reaches deep into the past. There is no way that you will miss visiting this magnificent place when you are in Novi Sad. The City Museum is located here as well as the stunning architectural complex that is Roman Catholic Church dedicated to St. George. You can also visit Planetarium or simply enjoy some of the most beautiful views of Novi Sad that you can get.

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Ultimate Travel Guide to Novi Sad

Ultimate travel guide to Novi Sad Square of Liberty

So, you’re planning your tour around Serbia and wondering where to go… We’ve already taken you to Belgrade the capital and beautiful Subotica and there is one more city that is a must-see and that is Novi Sad. The second-largest city in Serbia is the capital of province Vojvodina, a cultural melting pot with 26 ethnic groups and six official languages. Novi Sad (Hungarian: Újvidék) is a multicultural city with so many things that you have to see and experience. We are bringing you the ultimate travel guide to Novi Sad, so keep reading.

Let’s start from the very beginning…

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