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4 Places in Europe for an Easter Weekend Trip

The extended Easter weekend is coming closer, are you already in the mood for some hearty “Osterjause”? If you would rather seize the chance to escape for a little bit and to enjoy the first warmer spring days, we have put together our favorite places for a weekend trip within Europe. Depending on where you a located, you can reach all those spots either by plane,  (night) train or even with your own car.

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10 Best Places for Enjoying Springtime

10 Best Places to Visit in April 2020 Porto

The perfect springtime weather is getting closer and closer! Isn’t it just the best time for traveling and exploring the world? If you still haven’t found your perfect springtime destination, we compiled a list for you — 10 best places for enjoying springtime.

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Best European Road Trips that You Must Take – PART TWO

Top 5 Destinations to Travel in May

Are you a fan of a good road trip where you can experience most of the region that you’re visiting? If you’re looking for some road trip inspiration, keep reading – we bring you more of the best European road trips that you must take in your lifetime.

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7 Beautiful Places to Visit in Portugal

7 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Portugal

Portugal has it all: so many historical places for you to explore, extraordinary culture, gorgeous beaches, and natural surroundings, cuisine, and wines you’ll love, and it’s home to warm and welcoming people that will make your stay even better. It’s a country where you’ll enjoy your glass of wine while listening to traditional fado music and that often sings about saudade – longing, love, loss, and sadness. In this post, we bring you the 7 most beautiful places to visit in Portugal, where you’ll experience its amazing culture.

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Traveler’s Secret: Top 10 Underrated Cities in Europe

When talking about traveling in general, everyone is always saying how they’re dying to visit Paris or London or Moscow or any other world-famous European city. But there is so much more to see in the old continent than just major capitals. Many European cities have a unique charm and interesting places worth visiting. That is why we are writing this blog – to give some credit to amazing European cities that are not appreciated enough. We are bringing you our list of top 10 underrated cities in Europe.

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