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Best Things to Do in Athens: 5 Walks Around the City

Best Things to Do in Athens: The 5 Walks Around Athens You Cannot Miss

The best way to explore a city is on foot. Athens is filled with many interesting areas to walk around and discover both the past and present of the city. Be sure to give yourself time to stroll around Athens along a few amazing streets that we’re about to show you, and discover the best things to do in Athens!

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8 Things You Will Love About Barcelona

Things that You Will Love About Barcelona

We all have that one city that we are dying to get back to. One of ours is definitely Barcelona. Everything in Barcelona is perfect, the people, the streets, the food, the beaches… You can’t have bad times in Barcelona. And it’s perfect no matter what season of the year it is. Here we are bringing you 8 things you will love about Barcelona, and sure there is more.

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Where to Eat in Vienna – from Schnitzel to Sacher’s Cake

7 Best Places to Eat in Vienna

The experience of a new culture is never complete without trying traditional food. That’s one of our favorite activities. Since we’ve been to Vienna the countless number of times, we’ve tried food in many many restaurants and thus we can tell you where you will not regret giving a certain amount of money for a nice Schnitzel or Sacher cake. We bring you the list of 7 best places to eat in Vienna.

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5 Perfect Weekend Getaways in Europe

Best Things to Do in Prague - Walk Across the Charles Bridge

If you feel like traveling but don’t have enough time to plan a 7-10 days trip you might need just a couple of days to reset your mind and get away from everyday activities without taking a day off at work. Europe is full of cities that are just perfect for weekend getaways. You just have to pack a few things and get going. If you don’t want to think much about which city to visit just pick one from our list of 5 perfect weekend getaways in Europe.

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5 Best Places to Visit in Sweden

Sweden is one gorgeous Scandinavian country, definitely worth visiting. There are gorgeous cities full of colorful wooden buildings, traditional huts, stone fortresses and cathedrals, and impressive contemporary architecture all around the country. If you’re considering to visit the land of IKEA, Saab, Volvo, and ABBA, keep reading — here is the list of 5 best places to visit in Sweden.

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7 Best Places to Visit in Australia

7 Best Places to Visit in Australia

Considering to visit Australia, the gorgeous down under? We highly encourage you to do so — it’s one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Australia has it all, from the amazing natural wonders, perfect beaches, to cosmopolitan cities and urban jungles. If you’re considering to visit this gorgeous country we have a few recommendations for you — here are the 7 best places to visit in Australia.

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10 Best Cheap Cities in Europe — Traveling on a Budget

7 Best Cheap Cities in Europe

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your travels to have a good time. There are many cities in Europe that are budget-friendly and offer a lot of awesome sights to see along with promising you a good time. So, in order to inspire you to travel more even if you’re living on a budget, we created this list of 10 best cheap cities in Europe.

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Best Things to Do in Vienna during Christmas Time

Best Things to Do in Vienna This Christmas

Vienna is one of the most magical cities in Europe, especially in the winter holiday season when everything is so nicely decorated and sparkly. There are quite a few amazing Christmas markets all around the city, but those are not the only magical spots to see in Vienna — everything looks so great. If you’re considering visiting the Austrian capital during the holiday season keep reading, we’ll show you the best things to do in Vienna this Christmas.

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The Best Things to Do in London for New Year’s Eve

Best Things to Do in London for New Year's Eve

If you’re looking for a perfect New Year’s Eve destination, you should know that London is one of those destinations. It’s a perfect city to explore in the wintertime, with some pretty amazing NYE events. Wondering what are the best things to do in London for New Year’s Eve? Keep reading, we’ll tell you a little something about the best London NYE activities.

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What to Do in Vienna: Explore the Most Impressive Buildings

Ultimate Guide to Vienna: State Opera House

Vienna is one remarkable city, full of historical places worth exploring. There are so many extraordinary buildings to be found in Vienna — it’s a dream destination for any architecture-lover. So if you’re wondering what to do in Vienna, here are some recommendations — check out its most impressive buildings.

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