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That was the Travel TEC 2022

The only trade fair with IT solutions for hotels and travel companies, Travel TEC, took place on May 16, 2022, and of course we were there!

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5 Most Beautiful Towns in Austria

5 Most Beautiful Towns in Austria

Austria is a country with so many beautiful and well-preserved old towns, and it also amazes with stunning landscapes – there is something for everyone! As we have already written extensively about Austria’s capital Vienna, today we are focusing on other cities worth visiting. Enjoy our recommendations for the 5 most beautiful towns in Austria!

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Mystical Places in Vienna

It is undeniable that fall has arrived in Vienna. The days are getting shorter and darker, the light gets gloomier and the morning mist covers the city in a magical twilight. We wanted to seize this unique late fall atmosphere and decided to explore some mystical places in Vienna you might not have visited before. As diverse as the places are, what they have in common is their unique, and sometimes even spooky atmosphere. So, follow us on our little tour and see Vienna through a whole different lens today, away from the usual tourist destinations.

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5 Best Cities to Visit in Germany off the Beaten Tracks

Best cities in Germany: Trier

Germany’s cities have everything: cozy towns with fairytale castles to modern cities with numerous skyscrapers. With so many great locations, it wasn’t easy to choose the best ones and keep the list short…

Here are five of our favorite German cities off the beaten track with a lot of culture to discover!

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Top 10 Things to Do in Banja Luka – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kastel Fortress Banja Luka

There are many reasons to visit the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina – here are our top ten things to do in Banja Luka! From adventures on the water to historically important monuments, we’ll take you on an unforgettable journey through Banja Luka.

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10 Most Beautiful Small Cities in Europe

Best Small Cities in Europe Sighisoara

When it comes to city breaks, most people tend to visit the largest cities. However, they are often too crowded and that can ruin your perfectly planned trip. That’s why it’s a good idea to visit a smaller city that gives you a more intimate, relaxed, and unique experience and time to explore a place in peace. There are a lot of cities like this worth mentioning if you’re into exploring Europe, but this time we bring you the 10 most beautiful small cities in Europe that you will love for sure.

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Vacation in Summer 2021 – New Approaches and Practical Tips

When will trips be possible again? Can I go on vacation in summer 2021? Should I really book already? Many people ask themselves these questions – the corona pandemic has made us tired, it’s been a long time since our last vacation, and we all dream of finally being able to visit other countries again soon. But is that even safe? And where can you actually go?

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News from “Digitalizing Culture – Austria 2021”

This year we are supporting the Austrian tourism, art, and cultural sectors in digitalization as part of the “Digitalizing Culture – Austria 2021” initiative – during the pandemic and beyond.

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Sustainable Tourism: Our Tips for Green Travel

It has now been almost a year since COVID-19 started affecting our lives, and many of us long for traveling. But how is sustainable tourism possible? Can we travel and protect the climate at the same time? We don’t advocate staying at home forever or just traveling by bike or even foot. But it wasn’t just the pandemic that showed that we should rethink the way we travel.

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Top Things to Do in Zagreb: Feel the Real Spirit of the City

Culture in Zagreb

Zagreb is an exquisite city with a unique blend of the old spirit of continental Europe and Mediterranean culture. It’s full of beautiful buildings, amusing museums, and relaxing parks, but there is so much more. It has its unique spirit that you just must feel, and we’re about to tell you how. We’re about to show you the top things to do in Zagreb in order to feel the real spirit of the city.

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