The 4 Best European Cities for Tech-Savvy Cultural Lovers This Fall

Save the date(s)! With some national holidays and fall breaks coming up, you might want to escape your hometown for a little while to make use of the last golden fall days. To make the choice of destination easier for you, we have put together a list of European cities where you can find the hottest art exhibitions, tech and crypto events, and much more this fall


What about a sweet getaway to the Turkish metropolis at the Bosporus? The vibrant city situated on two continents is always worth a visit. There, east and west melt in a unique way that you definitely need to experience at least once in your lifetime. If you happen to be there between November 14th and 17th, make sure to visit the Istanbul Blockchain Week. Istanbul is a hub of culture and trade with an exciting thirst for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, so don’t miss out on one of the most anticipated blockchain events of 2022.

In case you get to Istanbul already in October, make sure to check Gulay Semercioglu’s first solo exhibition “More than a Memory” at Pi Artworks. Semercioglu creates fields of kinetic impact, altering lines of colored, silver and copper wire through exposure to light – a signature material and method that she has employed for more than 30 years.


If you are longing for a more northern escape by the water, Amsterdam, with its countless canals and tiny alleys, shows off its beauty at its finest during the golden light in fall, when the leaves on the trees slowly start to change color. There are also a lot of events going on in Amsterdam this fall – first and foremost, you can attend the big Bitcoin conference from October 14th – 21st. The event promises three days of teaching and inspiring the Bitcoin community and will also be a great opportunity to learn, engage, and mingle with like-minded fellows.

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The art lovers among you definitely need to pay a visit to Rijksmuseum, where can recommend two exhibitions. In the largest Vermeer exhibition ever, the museum has brought together most of Vermeer’s paintings from all over the world giving you the chance to get closer to the painter and his works.

Arachnophobes beware! Since September 30th, you can also visit Crawly Creatures at Rijksmuseum. You can take the title literally, as the museum is teeming with more than a thousand colorful butterflies, hairy spiders, and glistening toads. The more than 140 paintings, sculptures, books, and preserved specimens reflect the ever-changing perceptions of crawly creatures in the arts and sciences.


If you want a change of scenery to red double decker busses and the Big Ben, London welcomes you with numerous options for Web3 enthusiasts and unique cultural experiences. First of all, the crypto nerds among you should mark November 9th– 11th in your calendars, as Europe’s premiere crypto event, TOKEN2049, takes place! Here, founders and executives of the leading Web3 companies share their view on the market and shine a light on global developments, while taking a unique and widening perspective on the ecosystem and its vast opportunities. TOKEN2049 brings together the global crypto industry, uniting entrepreneurs, investors, developers, industry insiders and global media, creating unparalleled networking opportunities for everybody.

Meanwhile, Lucian Freud comes to life at the National Gallery. The first major exhibition in 10 years of one of Britain’s finest figurative painters, Lucian Freud, brings together paintings from more than seven decades. It shows works starting from his early and intimate works to his well-known, large-scale canvasses and monumental naked portraits.

At Tate Modern, you can currently enjoy the Cezanne exhibition. Cezanne’s stunning still lifes and landscapes changed the history of paining like almost no other, so you shouldn’t miss out on this gem!


Are you in need of some London vibes?


Last but not least, if you are looking for a dreamy and romantic city to enjoy the last sunrays of 2022, then Paris should be on top of your bucket list.

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Starting October 5th, you can admire the stunning works of Alice Neel at Centre Pompediou. She was a major figure of North American art who, throughout her life, forever painted the marginalized. Little known during her lifetime, this extraordinary painter is today celebrated for the great acuity with which she portrayed the different strata of American society.

Paris is always a good idea, no matter the season.

Could you get some inspiration for one of your upcoming fall trips? Or did we miss out on a specific event/exhibition? Let us know in the comments.

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