The Best Christmas Gifts for Crypto Fans

What to get a crypto fan for Christmas? A Bored Ape NFT might be a bit too expensive – but there are a lot of great Christmas gifts that are quite affordable. We have some tips on how to please your favorite crypto-nerd!

Discover Exciting NFTs

Well-known crypto artists sell their digital works for prices that are probably out of your budget for Christmas gifts – even though prices have been dropping for a while, you still have to fork out at least $85,000 for one of the famous Bored Ape NFTs. A pixel painting by Cryptowiener is more affordable: prices start at just under $100.

On various platforms like OpenSea you can find NFTs by unknown artists. If they are intended as an investment, you have to know them well and buy them at the right time. But what speaks against a funny, cheaper NFT as a gift? Maybe you’ll find something that suits the person you’re giving it to. On OpenSea you can search by category, filter by price, or just browse around.

NFTs for a Good Cause

Christmas is the feast of love and mercy. If you are looking for a meaningful gift, you could buy NFTs for a good cause! After all, the original idea behind cryptocurrencies was also a democratic one, which has unfortunately been partially eclipsed by the coverage of expensive art NFTs. Here, however, be careful not to fall for scammers who pocket the money themselves. The best thing to do is to research which providers and projects are reputable. A good overview of different projects can be found at the World Happiness Foundation.


The monkey is too expensive, but can I have a monkey hoodie? Some well-known NFT artists also sell merchandise such as printed clothes, mugs, key rings, and much more. Here, too, you have to keep your eyes open and think about whether you want to buy a cheap copy or authentic merchandise – because it’s no wonder that there are a lot of bad copies of well-known subjects. However, since the owners of NFTs sometimes have the right to reuse the subjects commercially, there are also some providers who legally print the famous Bored Apes on T-shirts or use them as their logo.

If it’s just about finding a fun crypto-themed gift, the possibilities are almost endless. How about edible chocolate Bitcoins, NFT soap (which, like the value of some NFTs, disappears over time), socks with cryptocurrency symbols, cookie cutters in matching shapes – or maybe just the analog, printed book Cryptocurrencies for Dummies!

More about crypto, NFTs, and the whole shebang can be found regularly in our series #culturecryptomonday and collected on our blog in the Crypto & Culture category!

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