Top 10 European New Year’s Destinations Cheaper Than Expected

You probably think that you need a lot of money for celebrating New Year’s Eve in some of the popular European cities. What if we tell you that you actually don’t? Every one of these cities offers an open-air NYE party that is either free of admission or doesn’t cost much. So, if you still haven’t decided where to celebrate read our list of top 10 European New Year’s destinations that are cheaper than you thought and find one that you will love.

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Let’s start planning our NYE party…


Amsterdam is a city that you have to visit once in a lifetime and why not in the New Year’s Eve? And you probably know that it’s one of the most popular cities for NYE celebrations. Whether you want to celebrate it in a club or a bar or outside, on a square you will have a great time. One of the most popular clubs for NYE is the Gashouder. Of course, everything is cheaper when you’re celebrating on a square, so you can visit Nieuwmarkt, Leidseplein or Rembrandtplein, have fun and wait for awesome fireworks. And it’s perfect if you like meeting new people from around the world.

Top 10 European New Year’s Destinations That Are Cheaper Than You Thought Amsterdam

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Another gorgeous city that is usually quite expensive, but you can do pretty cheap for NYE if you’re into great outdoor celebrations and fireworks. The sky in London really lights up in the midnight and makes the skyline even more beautiful. And imagine stepping into the new year with the Big Ben ticking the background noise. Great, right? Also, if you want to experience some NYE clubbing in London and not spend much money doing that check out Belushi’s bar in London Bridge, you will have fun, for sure. Also, you can’t miss traditional New Year’s Day Parade in Hyde Park with over 8.500 artists from around the globe.

Top 10 European New Year’s Destinations That Are Cheaper Than You Thought London

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Since Paris is the city of lights you can probably imagine that it gets really impressive. To feel the real spirit of the NYE in Paris join the street party at the Champs-Élysées, you will not regret it. Or go to the Montmartre for a less crowded moment and spectacular view over this well-lit city. If you want to try something you’ve never tried before and you’re okay with spending a bigger amount of money don’t hesitate to visit a cabaret event at Moulin Rouge or Lido. You will have caviar, lobster, champaign, some dancing and a special NYE post-midnight show.

Top 10 European New Year’s Destinations That Are Cheaper Than You Thought Paris
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Moscow is very cold in the winter but if you want to experience something really special it is worth it. Just get yourself a warm coat and boots and you’ll be fine. Believe it or not, Moscow is considered to be one of the cheap places to visit for NYE. It is so amazing no matter when you go there, but just imagine the Red Square lit up with all that fireworks – amazing for sure. Or visit Gorky Park, you’ll get to skate on one of the largest skating rinks and enjoy a party with multiple DJs.

Top 10 European New Year’s Destinations That Are Cheaper Than You Thought Moscow



Have you ever celebrated NYE (Spanish: Nochevieja) on the beach? If you’ve thought about doing that this year we recommend going to Barcelona. Go to Placa Catalunya and experience some unique traditions such as midnight bottle toss that happens at midnight. Or you can go to the main event near the Magic Fountain and that’s where the equally (or even more) magical fireworks is happening. After that, you can go to the Gothic Quarter and spend the first few hours of the New Year bar crawling.

Top 10 European New Year’s Destinations That Are Cheaper Than You Thought Barcelona

© Ajuntament Barcelona


As we already mentioned, Bratislava is pretty underrated but it’s a perfect city for the New Year’s city break, especially if you are more of a family person and you are taking your kids with you. This adorable medieval city offers so much fun starting from the midday on the 31st. The whole city turns into a great family part. And don’t you worry, it gets more serious and mature and you will see cool fireworks at the city squares and if you prefer celebrating in a bar or a club you won’t be disappointed.

Top 10 European New Year’s Destinations That Are Cheaper Than You Thought Bratislava


Charming Ljubljana is one of the cheapest destinations on our list. Some hotels in Ljubljana even offer a special discount for NYE dinner. And it’s really beautiful! The main event is happening at Prešeren Square where the lights are amazing, and all those beautiful buildings look even more beautiful. If you are more into bars, then you can go to a New Year pub crawling party which is a guided party tour and you will visit some of the hottest pubs and bars in Ljubljana and end your night at one of the famous Ljubljana clubs.

Top 10 European New Year’s Destinations That Are Cheaper Than You Thought Ljubljana

© Oleg Brovko


If you are more of a romantic person, we recommend celebrating NYE in Venice and sealing it with a kiss (the annual “communal kiss” is a tradition here). Go for a dinner cruise with delicious Italian dishes and candlelight and after that it’s party-time. Visit Riva degli Schiavoni, Riva Ca’ di Dio, Riva San Biagio, or Riva dei Sette Martiri or Saint Mark’s square and enjoy beautiful fireworks. And if you want to continue the party after that you can go to one of the Venetian pubs, since there are no clubs. Or if you want your night to stay more romantic choose a gondola ride with your loved one.

Top 10 European New Year’s Destinations That Are Cheaper Than You Thought Venice

© Elena Bass


Krakow is another city that is on the list of the cheapest NYE destinations in Europe that offers a really great party. The biggest open-air NYE party is happening on the main city square and culminates in the amazing lasers-and-lights show (earlier it was fireworks) at midnight. The club scene in Krakow is lively and huge so if you prefer that option for NYE celebration you will have a good time for sure.

Top 10 European New Year’s Destinations That Are Cheaper Than You Thought Krakow

© Pawel Pacholec


Berlin is on every list of popular NYE destinations in Europe so it made it to ours, too even though it’s a bit more expensive than other cities that we mentioned. It’s the most “underground” city in Europe and one of the most interesting for young people. And no wonder, it just calls for a party. There are so many clubs, you can party all night, every night. And if you like beer this is your perfect destination. If you want to spend less money and enjoy the midnight fireworks head to the Brandenburg gate for the biggest open-air NYE party in Europe. The admission is free, just bring money for delicious food and drinks (there will be plenty) and enjoy yourself.

Top 10 European New Year’s Destinations That Are Cheaper Than You Thought

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These are some of our favourite New Year’s Eve destinations, but surely there is more of Europe to enjoy on holidays. We already wrote about some of these cities and there are guided tours through them in our Cultural Places App, so feel free to download it and let it help you with getting around these beautiful European cities. And enjoy your holidays!

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