Top 10 London Selfie Spots

Top 10 London Selfie Spots: Movie Highlights

If you have already followed our selfie-guide to Vienna prepare yourself for more. We are taking you to London to show you the top 10 London selfie spots that you’ve probably seen in movies, so your friends can envy you for your Instagram feed.


Who is it for: For those who waited too long for their owl from Hogwarts

You got your invitation letter to Hogwarts, packed your bags, and now you have to get going? When you arrive at King’s Cross railway station go find platforms 9 and 10, just walk (or better run) right between them and you’ll get to your new school. But first, take a selfie right there 🙂

Photo by Duncan


Who is it for: For real romantics

Did you fall in love with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grand and their love story? Famous Notting Hill is a lovely, picturesque London neighborhood you will absolutely love. Find the famous blue door where William (Hugh Grant) used to live and make a selfie.

Top 10 London Selfie Spots Notting Hill

Photo by S Pakhrin


Who is it for: For conspiracists

If you are a conspiracy-theories-enthusiast you’ve probably seen and loved Dan Brown’s bestseller The Da Vinci Code and you would love to take a selfie in front of the Westminster Abbey church. Even though the movie, in fact, wasn’t filmed there you would find what Tom Hanks and Audrey Tatou were looking for: the monument to Sir Isaac Newton. Explore the church and find it yourself.

top 10 London Selfie spots Westminster Abbey church

Photo by Noel Portugal


Who is it for: For single parents and singles

Regent’s Park is a location that is served in movies many many times, even in Harry Potter. But our favorite is About a Boy with lovely Hugh Grant as Will who is chasing for single moms. Go see the pond and the penguin pool that Will and Marcus experienced as a wonderful place for conversation.

top 10 London selfie spots Regent's Park


Who is it for: For those who enjoy walks through royal parks

If you are interested in royal places you will be thrilled to visit the oldest royal park in London where some scenes of Match Point, Mrs. Henderson Presents, 101 Dalmatians, and the James Bond classic Die Another Day were filmed. St James’s Park is surrounded by three palaces: Houses of Parliament (formerly Westminster Palace), St James’s Palace, and Buckingham Palace. If you are visiting London in June don’t miss the famous military parade Trooping the Colour that is held to honor the Queen’s birthday.

top 10 London selfie spots St James's Park

Photo by Colin


Who is it for: For real Shakespeare lovers

Interested in where most of Shakespeare’s pieces premiered? Also, looking for a spot from Shakespeare in Love? Visit the Globe Theatre and travel through time all the way back to the Elizabethan era to get a selfie and to experience the ambient where your hero presented his masterpieces.

top 10 London selfie spots Globe Theatre


Who is it for: For super nannies

Are you a fan of British Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-nanny Mary Poppins? Visit St Paul’s Cathedral and sit down on the steps to get your picture taken like Oscar-winner Jane Darwell who played the Bird Woman in the movie.

St Paul's Cathedral top 10 London selfie spots


Who is it for: For adrenaline junkies

Tower Bridge is a pretty famous location for filming in London, Fast & Furious 6, Mission Impossible, Tomb Raider, The Mummy Returns, Thunderbirds, and Bridget Jones were filmed near there. Climb to the upper-level walkway and watch the Thames through the glass floor, enjoy the view and take your time to make some cool selfies.

top 10 London selfie spots Tower Bridge


Who is it for: For movie experts

The Baroque-style Old Royal Naval College is definitely a building that is a must-see and must-photographed. It’s the most famous filming location, where Captain Jack Sparrow was dragged through the Painted Hall, Thor played around with his powers, an elephant was housed within the grounds in Les Misérables, Kiera Knightly strolls through the colonnade in The Duchess, and Gulliver dropped by during his travels (Gulliver’s Travels). The building was supposed to be a residence for Wilhelm II, but it became a hospital for wounded mariners. Today it is a part of the University of Greenwich.

top 10 London selfie spots Old Royal Naval College

Photo by Bill Hunt


Who is it for: For master detectives

Baker Street 221b was the residence of Sherlock and Watson, but in real life, that number did not exist until 1923 when the Abbey National Building Society moved into number 219-229. They received a lot of mail for Sherlock, so they hired a secretary. Later on, the Sherlock Holmes Museum in No. 239. received a plaque confirming their ownership of No. 221b and they also wanted all of their mail! Go to Baker Street and find the entrance to the fictional 221b to make a cool selfie at Sherlock’s place.

top 10 London selfie spots Sherlock Holmes Museum

Photo by Cezary

So that was our top 10 London Selfie Spots. Do you think it would be a nice fit for your selfies? Are you afraid that you will miss some of these spots? Visit our Cultural Places platform and find Selfie Spots London tour to help you navigate through this gorgeous city.


Selfie Spots London: Movie Highlights

Looking for unique movie places in London? This little collection of selfie spots guides you to the real-life filming locations of popular films.

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