Top 6 Instagrammable Places in Athens

Explore the 6 Most Picturesque Places in Athens (With Photos)

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Athens is a city in which to get lost in the narrow streets of its historic center, where you see antiquities everywhere, explore some trendy neighborhoods, and where you can enjoy amazing food. In Athens, you are spoilt for choice of the picture-perfect places — every corner has something unique you will want to capture in a photo. Here, we list the 6 most picturesque places in Athens you will want to take pictures of before you leave.

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The Parthenon

The Parthenon, set on the flat-top of Acropolis, is one of the most well-known landmarks in the world. There are no words to describe the glory of this temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. With its unique, world-renowned look and clear blue skies, it can be both the perfect backdrop for your portraits and selfies, and the perfect object on the photos as well.

Picturesque places in Athens - The Parthenon

The Parthenon

The Erectheion

The Erectheion is another beautiful and picturesque temple on the Acropolis Hill. It is a temple dedicated to Athena and Poseidon, as well as other gods and Greek heroes. The six sculpted female figures that support the roof of the Erectheion with their heads make for a wonderful photo opportunity.

Top 6 Instagrammable Places in Athens

The Erectheion

Odeon Herodes Atticus

Before leaving Acropolis Hill, visit its southwestern slope to see the extraordinary stone theatre Odeon of Herodes Atticus from above. Strike a pose with the Odeon in the background and you have the perfect picture to share on Instagram.

Top 6 Instagrammable Places in Athens

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Monastiraki Square

This is one of the most popular squares in Athens. It includes everything: ancient ruins, a mosque, a Byzantine church, a flea market, and many more sights. This square is the beginning of your exploration in Athens — you can get lost in the narrow streets of the old historic center of Athens. Monastiraki square can also be your last stop, where you can enjoy famous souvlaki after exploring the city. There are also many cafés and bars that have amazing rooftops from which you can enjoy a view of Athens. Take the stairs or an elevator to take a picture of Monastiraki Square from above.

Top 6 Instagrammable Places in Athens

Monastiraki Square

The Street Art of Exarcheia

Exarcheia is one pretty interesting and chill neighborhood of Athens, whose streets are packed with local eateries, relaxed coffee shops, and what was most interesting to us — incredible street art. Wander through its streets and you’ll find so many interesting graffiti art that you (and your camera) will love.

Picturesque Places in Athens - Street art in Exarcheia

Street Art in Exarcheia

The Streets of Plaka

If you’re really into street photography, you must wander through Plaka — the most picturesque neighborhood of Athens. We recommend taking that walk early in the morning when it’s not too crowded with tourists. Pay special attention to Anafiotika street — this narrow street is full of bougainvillea trees, surprising urban art, and cats.

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Plaka in Athens
© Maria Androulaki

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Athens is packed with picturesque spots, don’t be afraid to wander its streets. If you’re visiting Athens for the first time, check out our ultimate guide through this city Glimpse into Athens and have fun!

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