#WeAreAllCulture: Experience Art and Culture from Your Home

#WeAreAllCulture: Experience Art and Culture from Your Home

It’s not easy, you’re stuck at home, and as days go by you have fewer interesting things to do. You can’t go anywhere, and maybe you already read all of those books which have been waiting for you for a long time. Well, we are all in this together, we’re all stuck at home, trying to find something cool to fill our days with… As we are curious by nature, and we’re in love with all-things-cultural at the same time, we came up with a new idea on how you can fill your days with more art and culture. We bring digital tours of your favorite cultural places and digital exhibitions to your home, through our new #WeAreAllCulture project.

Bringing Art and Culture to Your Home

Coronavirus outbreak is affecting us all, and the cultural industry around the world is feeling the consequences of this isolation we’re all in. Due to social-distancing and isolation, we are prevented from traveling, meeting new cultures, visiting museums and exhibitions, and enjoying the amazing artworks.

But we have to keep this in mind: not only us, culture consumers, are affected by this situation; it’s not only about not being able to go outside and enjoy the cultural places around you — there’s much more to this. This crisis hits all of the artists, museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions, that we love so much. The cultural institutions lost their visitors and their main revenue stream, and this will bring them many struggles in the future. This means that the lovely people who are running all those activities you love might even lose their jobs. Also, artists lost their possibility to exhibit their artworks, and therefore their revenue stream, as well. We could go on and on about problems, but instead, we started to look into chances and opportunities on how to make life a bit better for all of us.

We saw a chance here: a chance for us to make our digital product even better, a chance for cultural institutions to present themselves, a chance for artists to showcase their artworks on a digital platform like Cultural Places is, and a chance for you to enjoy culture and art in a new way. So we present to you our new #WeAreAllCulture project! You don’t have to leave the house to experience the culture, artists don’t need to be present in galleries to showcase their artwork — culture is wherever we are, culture is inside all of us, and, indeed, #WeAreAllCulture.

#WeAreAllCulture: Experience Art and Culture from Your Home

#WeAreAllCulture — project that brings art and culture to your home

How to Enjoy Tours and Exhibitions from Home?

As you already know, the Cultural Places platform is a digital product that offers you audio guides through your favorite places — now on every device you own. We recently rebuilt our web platform and we made it possible to watch out digital tours not only through our mobile app but also directly through the web platform. All you need is your smartphone, tablet, or computer and internet connection. For these times when we’re not allowed to go outside and make tours around cultural places or go to museums and galleries, you can still learn fun stuff about those places you’re missing out on right now and enjoy some cool exhibitions.

Visit our Cultural Places platform and discover the tours tagged with #WeAreAllCulture, find the tour that you’d like to watch, and get it on your favorite device. From every purchase that you make, 50% of the net price will go to all participating cultural institutions or artists — so, we share the revenue equally. This way we will support cultural institutions in Vienna and our lovely local artists through this crisis that made us all suffer in some way.

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Wondering why it’s all about Vienna? As Cultural Places is a Vienna-based brand, helping its cultural scene grow made the most sense. But this is just the beginning; this project will surely expand to other cities and other countries, as well. We’re all about meeting other cultures and spreading the word about cool culture-related things all around the world, so you’ll soon see the interesting content from other cities and countries as a part of this project, too.

Vienna United — Our First Digital Exhibition

As a part of the #WeAreAllCulture project, we decided to host our first digital exhibition ever, called “Vienna United”. For this exhibition, our content team handpicked ten Viennese artists to show you how this isolation and this global situation affected their minds, and what revelations they came upon during their creative processes.

Through their exciting artworks, these young artists explain how solitude affects the way they contemplate the body they live in, as well as the world around them. You will see paintings, graphics, performances, and hear music inspired by the self-isolation that this health crisis put us in, and by loneliness in general.

In this exhibition, you will find some advice on how to overcome the feeling of loneliness and embrace it as something good, something that can also make you grow as a person. We might all be alone at the moment, but we definitely don’t have to feel lonely. We have to feel comfortable with ourselves first, so we might as well take this time of solitude to try to achieve that state of mind.

Not only are we changing in situations like this, but the world around us is changing, too. As we are self-isolated, our daily habits change, we have only two places we exist at — our homes and our digital world. How will the digital world change us and the way we function, and how will it change itself? With everything around us changing so rapidly, it gets more and more important to reconnect with ourselves. At the end of the day, there is only one constant in life, and you have to find a way to live with it, to love it and to cherish it. This exhibition will help you find the way through the overwhelming effects of the situation we’re all in.

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#WeAreAllCulture: Experience Art and Culture from Your Home

Vienna United: watch our first digital exhibition on your favorite device

See, isolation-time doesn’t have to be completely boring. We are here to help you enjoy these days by bringing culture to your homes and supporting local artists and cultural institutions at the same time. Let’s fill our days with some love towards art and culture, and, what’s the most important, for each other. Let’s enjoy culture at home because #WeAreAllCulture.

Looking for more cultural things to enjoy while you’re self-isolating? Not so long ago, we launched another amazing project, through which we want to help people in need, all around Austria. Check it out and learn how you can participate and enjoy the tours around Vienna at the same time: #HelpingWithCulturalPlaces project


Vienna United


Stuck at home, longing for cultural experiences? Explore our first digital exhibition with local Viennese artists and their exciting works.


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