Women in the Crypto Art World

The crypto world is male-dominated for sure, but there are a lot of great and powerful women in the crypto art world. Let’s shed some light on the female side of crypto!

Men and Women in Crypto – Numbers & Insights

If you look at surveys and studies, it’s clear that more men than women are interested in topics like cryptocurrencies and NFTs. A survey from CNBC in 2021 found that more than twice as many men as women are investing in cryptocurrencies. This gender gap is similar to or even bigger than the one existing in traditional investment forms like funds or stocks. Another source gives an overview of several studies in different countries, and the results are similar. At least the number of women using cryptocurrencies is constantly rising – but what about women actively working in crypto? And what about women in crypto art like NFTs?

Female Artists and Women in the Crypto Art World

Similar to the general interest in and the use of cryptocurrencies, women are also underrepresented when it comes to digital art like NFTs. Despite the potential of the democratizing power of cryptocurrencies, the scene has to deal with racist and sexist tendencies in some way or another. Artist Drue Kataoka talked to NFTevening about discriminating tendencies and other obstacles she and other female crypto artists face. She is among many standing up for more equality in the crypto art world.

From Bitchcoin to World of Women

There are several great female artists and women-led NFT projects – here are a few great examples of women in the crypto art world!

  • Bitchcoin

As early as 2015, five months before Ethereum, Sarah Meyohas released the first tokenization of art on the blockchain and thus became a pioneer in the NFT art scene.

  • Seneca

Everybody who knows a little bit about NFTs also knows the Bored Ape Yacht Club. But did you know that Seneca, the lead designer who did a lot of the sketches, is a woman? Apparently, not only her fame but also her financial reward was low. Her art is of the dreamy-freaky kind, and we highly recommend checking out Seneca’s website!

  • World of Women (WoW)

This NFT project aims for an inclusive Web3 and promotes NFT artworks from female artists exclusively – plus, they are donating to women-led and sustainable organizations. Their collections show colorful and powerful women created by Yam Karkai, artist and co-founder of the project.

  • Sad Girls Bar

Less colorful are the mostly black-and-white artworks from Glam Beckett, which truly stand out. In her NFTs, she captures a world of punk, melancholy, love and death, and similar topics.

  • IX Shells

The female artist Itzel Yard, known as IX Shells, is the highest-selling female NFT artist: “Dreaming at Dusk” was and still is the most expensive NFT artwork from a woman ever sold at $2 million in May 2021. While this is great, to put it in perspective: the highest-selling male artist Beeple sold “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” for $69.3 million and several other artworks above $2 million…


These are just some examples of many great women in the art crypto world, and there are many more to discover!

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