The $CPTC Protocol

The mission of Cultural Places is to make culture accessible to everyone - fast, easy, and fair.

Token contract $CPTC:


Project Overview

Cultural Places is digital platform for cultural sites and institutions. In business since 2017, over 250 Cultural sites are listed today. Cultural Places offers their marketeers tools like a fully automated content management, finance tool and a sales channel with smartphone app and web platform.
Products marketed are digital services, such as digital media guides, tickets and podcasts.

Cultural Places Platform

The #CPTC Community

The COVID-19 pandemic showed vulnerabilities in funding structures, sustainable community building and support opportunities in the cultural sector. $CPTC is our idea of how to build communities and fans sustainably. We reward users for their contribution with a system that is not bound to a single platform.

We bring together different countries and cultures with our utility-backed NFTs.

CPTC NFT Collections Minting

Every Penguin will get it's unique appearance based on the countries culture and traditional clothing.

Mint now:

Protocol Utility

$CPTC puts focus on four primary business cases that are covered within the $CPTC protocol:

Decentralized Rewards that can be integrated into existing platforms.
Decentralized Crowdfunding that charges fewer fees than cultural funding in TradFi.
NFT as a service for cultural sites by providing a set of NFT tools and rewards for NFT holders.
NFT Ticketing with redeemable tickets offers all the functionality of NFTs and can be used for POAP.

$CPTC is integrating with the services of Cultural Places and can be integrated into any similar platform, Our goal is to scale $CPTC globally while supporting cultural businesses, artists, and individuals.

Cultural metaverse for real-world people.


NFT Collection

The #CPTC offers a unique collection of 10K penguins in different human cultures. 10 countries represented at the start.


CPTC Rewards

On purchase of digital and real-world art products like museum entries, audio tours of famous places.


CPTC Crowdfunding

Enable artists to fund their projects and get in touch with exhibitors, event managers, and their audience.


CPTC Ticketing

The CPTC ecosystem offers a fee-attractive NFT-based ticketing solution.



A marketplace to provide digital and real-life experiences to our users. Clients can sell their physical and digital goods.


Opportunities for Backers

The ecosystem is DeFi enabled. It needs backers that ensure the liquidity and valuation of the CPTC. We reward you to stake liquidity pool tokens.


CPTC Community

We build a community around cultural activities around the world. #CPTC holders will be able to interact, meet and get rewarded.


Reputation and Governance

CPTC holders will be able to gain reputation by holding CPTC-Tokens and give the reputation to projects in need of support.

Why Blockchain?

We choose #CPTC to be a blockchain project because:

1) DeFi allows us to re-think the flow of value in a community, and simplify the exchange of value between the parties and platforms.

2) Decentralised Crowdfunding uses blockchain concepts like consensus, proof and quadratic funding to provide a better experience at a fraction of the cost.

3) NFT provides various interesting use cases for the cultural industry. NFT-based ticketing for single tickets and passes, NFT collections for visitors and supporters, redeemable NFTs to increase customer satisfaction, and, in the end - provide more fun.

Decentralised Rewards that can be integrated into existing platforms.

Decentralised Crowdfunding that charges less fees than cultural funding in TradiFi.

NFT as a service for cultural sites, by providing a set of NFT tools and rewards for NFT holders.

NFT Ticketing with redeemables tickets that offer all the functionality of NFTs and can be used for POAP.


The journey to implement all the utility to $CPTC will last for two years, and the first utility will be available in Q3/2022. Investors and the community can help us by participating in #CPTC Pool Staking or holding CPTC. We also offer SAFT agreements, OTC buys and other investor opportunities.

Q1  2022
  • Platform: CMS, B2B Clients frontend, Payment Service Improvements
  • Ecosystem: IDO Planning
  • Travel Clubs NFT:Artwork
Q2  2022
  • Platform: Automatization of Spots and Digital Guides.
  • Ecosystem: Smart Contract test net
  • Travel Clubs NFT:Minting Party
Q3  2022
  • Platform: Crowdfunding and rewards. Advanced ticketing system
  • Ecosystem: Smart contract deployment
  • Travel Clubs NFT: NFT utility use cases.
Q4  2022
  • Platform: User generated content contribution, advanced ticketing.
  • Ecosystem:Automatization of rewards
  • Travel Clubs NFT:Client NFTs

Who stands behind the $CPTC project?

The $CPTC protocol is a project by OROUNDO Mobile GmbH, a software development company founded in 2014 in Vienna, Austria. OROUNDO Mobile develops the Cultural Places platform, a digital marketplace for culture, art, and travel. The platform has listed over 250 cultural sites and is available on Cultural Places

What is the goal of the $CPTC project?

The COVID-19 pandemic showed vulnerabilities in funding structures, sustainable community building, and support opportunities in the cultural sector. $CPTC is our idea of how to build communities and fans sustainably. We reward users for their contribution to a system that is not bound to a single platform. Besides the $CPTC token, we also run the CPTC NFT project. We bring together different countries and cultures with our utility-backed NFTs.

What are the markets $CPTC will target?

Our NFT collection shows our core markets: Europe and Southeast Asia. We already list cultural sites in Austria, Germany, Croatia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. Our goal is to automize our platform fully so that every cultural business can join from anywhere in the world.

What value can $CPTC provide to cultural businesses?

Besides our core features on the cultural places platform, digital guides, spots, and tickets, we will offer a fully decentralized rewards program and a blockchain-based crowdfunding feature. Together with a community-driven NFT project, we want to help our clients build a solid connection to their existing target group and offer new ways to expand reach and revenue.

Which blockchain are you building on?

For the technology, we rely on the infrastructure of Polygon. They are actively committed to a sustainable Web3 and have just committed in their own "Green Manifesto" to achieve climate neutrality before the end of 2022. In contrast to the so-called proof-of-work, Polygon uses proof-of-stake validation, which means lower energy consumption.

Where can I buy $CPTC, and is it safe for me to buy it?

You can buy $CPTC on SushiSwap already. You can find the link and token contract on our website. You need to install Metamask and add the polygon network for the purchase. An external audit company audits $CPTC. You can download the report directly from our website. We set up the project with experienced legal advisors and communicated every detail to local financial authorities. Every new activity and feature is within local regulations (Austria).

Can I stake $CPTC?

We have already rolled out staking for liquidity providers. If you join our pool and provide liquidity to the project, you can stake your pool tokens at . All information regarding staking can find in our medium post HERE (link for staking announcement).

What is the benefit for me as a token holder?

The benefit lies in the utility of the platform. Owning $CPTC makes you a part of the community and the $CPTC protocol. As a traveler, you can use the tokens to get rewards for purchases on our platform and access special NFTs collections. You can access free digital tours, ticket offers, and special events with your rewards. As a cultural organization, you can offer $CPTC rewards to your target group to build a stronger community and relationship.

How are you going to fund the project?

We started our $CPTC journey with a successful IDO in April 2022 and raised a total of EUR 65.000. The project is backed by existing international investors and will announce another funding round during Q3 2022. We vested a total of 4.1m tokens per quarter for eight quarters. Released tokens are being sold to interested investors to finance our activities. A complete overview is available on CPTC Pool Staking Rewards.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for "Non-Fungible Token." An NFT is a digital file whose unique proof of ownership is stored decentrally in a blockchain for all to see. An NFT cannot be copied or exchanged for another file and is unique. Therefore, each NFT has a single owner and can only be resold by that owner.

Which role do NFTs play in your project?

We launched our first three NFT collections of the Cultural Places Travel Club in May 2022. We created 10.000 unique NFTs representing the cultural traits of 10 countries. We believe that culture connects people and Cultural Places wants to give everyone easy access to culture. Our NFTs come with various utilities. NFT holders will have access to free digital guides on our platform, be eligible for $CPTC rewards, and have access to upcoming NFT collections created with our clients. As NFTs play a significant role in arts and culture, we plan to build several utility cases around them. You can find details on our website or in our litepaper.

Where can I buy the CPTC NFT?

The first three collections are already available on Open Sea. We plan future mints for new countries during Q3. You can find all information regarding mints, utility, and use cases on our website and in our litepaper. Please connect with us on our social media channels for additional live details.


The #CPTC protocol is a project of OROUNDO mobile Gmbh, founded in 2014. We are an international LTD company with offices in Vienna (HQ), Zagreb, Banja Luka, and Jakarta. Our main project is a digital platform for culture and travel named „Cultural Places. “. OROUNDO mobile has full approval for $CPTC from Austrian regulators, and all smart contracts are audited externally.