The first DeFi based
cultural community

Token contract $CPTC: 0x0a97853c72cB28C98B3112AE45215391675CAc43

CPTC NFT Collections Minting Now

Every Penguin will get it's unique appearance based on the countries culture and traditional clothing.

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The CPTC ecosystem is the first community, rewards and funding system for culture that taps into DeFi. Our main goal is to improve funding conditions for artists as well as granting accessibility to art to a broader public.

Cultural metaverse for real-world people.


NFT Collection

The #CPTC offers a unique collection of 10K penguins in different human cultures. 10 countries represented at the start.


CPTC Rewards

On purchase of digital and real-world art products like museum entries, audio tours of famous places.


CPTC Crowdfunding

Enable artists to fund their projects and get in touch with exhibitors, event managers, and their audience.


CPTC Ticketing

The CPTC ecosystem offers a fee-attractive NFT-based ticketing solution.



A marketplace to provide digital and real-life experiences to our users. Clients can sell their physical and digital goods.


Opportunities for Backers

The ecosystem is DeFi enabled. It needs backers that ensure the liquidity and valuation of the CPTC. We reward you to stake liquidity pool tokens.


CPTC Community

We build a community around cultural activities around the world. #CPTC holders will be able to interact, meet and get rewarded.


Reputation and Governance

CPTC holders will be able to gain reputation by holding CPTC-Tokens and give the reputation to projects in need of support.

Cultural Places Travel Club

The #CPTC offers a unique collection of 10K penguins NFTs in different human cultures. 10 countries represented at the start. For every new country we enter, 1000 specific NFTs are going to be minted.

10 countries

1 000 NFTs

/per country

10 000 NFTs


IDO launch

April 26th

NFT mint

May 11th
Q1  2022
  • Platform: CMS, B2B Clients frontend, Payment Service Improvements
  • Ecosystem: IDO Planning
  • Travel Clubs NFT:Artwork
Q2  2022
  • Platform: Ticketing improvements and Rewards Features
  • Ecosystem: Smart Contract test net
  • Travel Clubs NFT:Minting Party
Q3  2022
  • Platform: Crowdfunding and rewards. Advanced ticketing system
  • Ecosystem: Smart contract deployment
  • Travel Clubs NFT:Cultural Experience Design
Q4  2022
  • Platform: User generated content contribution, advanced ticketing.
  • Ecosystem:Automatization of rewards
  • Travel Clubs NFT:Client NFTs

IDO launch April 26th


What is the benefit for me as a token holder?

Owning a CPTC token makes you a part of the community and the ecosystem. r lies in the utility of the platform. As a traveler you can use the token in the CPTC ecosystem: Get rewards for purchases, get access to NFTs and more. As a cultural organization you can offer rewards paid out in CPTC, and reach new target audiences.

Is #CPTC available for the public to buy?

The token will be launched through an IDO on a public launchpad. During the IDO pre-sale the token can be bought by anyone who has an appropriate tier level and KYC on the Launchpad. After the launch the token will be publicly available on at least one DEX. Our selection of DEX and Launchpad are made public on the Telegram channel. Community opinion is considered when selecting the platforms.

Are NFTs going to be integrated in this project?

We will offer NFTs as a part of our ecosystem. They will represent our travel community, each NFT gets its unique appearance based on the country's culture and traditional clothing, more information is released regularly. The mint release date as of now is May 11th, stay tuned for updates.

What is the ticker of this project?

CPTC - The initials of “Cultural Places Travel Club”

Will there be an AMA?

Yes! We do regular AMAs on our channels with the staff from Cultural Places. They are announced on our Telegram channels, join here to be notified. We also update the FAQ section after every AMA.

What are the details of the tokenomics?

Find more information in our Litepaper.

When will the IDO take place?

IDO launch April 26th. There are a lot of moving parts from a legal and operational perspective and we want to guarantee safety for every participant.

How can I get whitelisted?

The whitelisting is subject to the Launchpads regulation and KYC process. We will post announcements in our Telegram channel as soon as we know specifics.

Can I stake the CPTC coin?

Yes you can! We will offer pooling and staking, find more information on that in our Litepaper.

How long has Cultural Places been around? Is this a new project?

Cultural Places is the brand and platform of Oroundo Mobile. We are a tech company founded in Vienna, Austria, that has been active in the culture and travel space for years, the CP platform was founded in 2017. This project has been in the works since the end of 2021 and we are now going live.