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Top Things to Do in Zagreb: Feel the Real Spirit of the City

Top 10 Instagrammable Places in Zagreb

Zagreb is an exquisite city with a unique blend of the old spirit of continental Europe and Mediterranean culture. It’s full of beautiful buildings, amusing museums, and relaxing parks, but there is so much more. It has its unique spirit that you just must feel, and we’re about to tell you how. We’re about to show you the top things to do in Zagreb in order to feel the real spirit of the city.

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7 Best Cities to Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020

7 Best Cities to Celebrate New Year's Eve 2020 Berlin

The holiday season is near, the New Year’s Eve is a month and a half away, and you should already have a plan for how to celebrate it, for sure. If you’re not among those who plan their winter holidays that much ahead, it might be a good idea to start planning right now. We have a few great ideas for you — the 7 best cities to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020 and have a good time.

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The 5 Best Places to Visit in December 2019

Best Places to Visit in December Hamburg

If you had a place on your bucket list for 2019 and just didn’t get to travel there yet, December is you last, and perfect opportunity to do so. Wouldn’t it be just perfect to finish the year with a great travel story to tell? If you’re not of those people who haven’t crossed everything out of their bucket list for this year, but you’re just looking for a perfect last-minute idea for your December vacation, you came to the right place! We’ll show you a few places that are more than perfect to enjoy in this time of the year — the 5 best places to visit in December.

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Explore the 6 Most Picturesque Places in Athens (With Photos)

Top 6 Instagrammable Places in Athens

Athens is a city in which to get lost in the narrow streets of its historic center, where you see antiquities everywhere, explore some trendy neighborhoods, and where you can enjoy amazing food. In Athens, you are spoilt for choice of the picture-perfect places — every corner has something unique you will want to capture in a photo. Here, we list the 6 most picturesque places in Athens you will want to take pictures of before you leave.

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Best Historic Things to Do in Vienna 2019 (with photos)

Best Historic Things to Do in Vienna - The Belvedere Palace

Vienna is an amazing, beautiful city with history so rich that it will take some time for you to grasp it. If you’re seeking some information about the ways to learn a little bit of Viennese history keep reading — we bring you the best historic things to do in Vienna. You will discover a little bit about Vienna’s beautiful castles, palaces, and churches, as well as about its amusing culture and history.

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What to Do in Zagreb for Halloween 2019? The Bewitched Story

What to Do in Zagreb for Halloween? The Bewitched Story

Are you tired of spending another Halloween in your hometown, doing the same themed Halloween party and maybe trick-or-treating? This spooky-but-fun holiday is so near, and if you’re without any unusual idea, we recommend you visit Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, for a new city and Halloween experience. Wondering what to do in Zagreb for Halloween? Keep reading because we bring you the story about a spooky, mystical tour of the Medieval city of Zagreb — the bewitched story.

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Top 7 Things to Do in Istanbul – the City Where East Meets West

Istanbul is a magnificent city that connects East and West, two continents and two totally different cultures. It’s the largest city that lies on two continents and the most beautiful one for sure. There are layers and layers of history and culture to be explored – everything in Istanbul tells a story. If you’re thinking about traveling to this awesome city, keep reading – we bring you the top 7 things to do in Istanbul.

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Ultimate Must-see Places in Athens You Cannot Miss (with photos)

Ultimate Must-see Places in Athens

Are you planning a last-minute trip to beautiful Athens this fall? Athens is really a gorgeous city worth exploring and if you are indeed looking for a last-minute seaside destination – go for it. In this blog post, we bring you the ultimate must-see places in Athens you cannot miss.

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Cultural Places — Cultural Travelers’ Platform is Live

Cultural Places

Cultural Places web platform is live! We are extremely proud to announce that the web version of our Cultural Places App is finally live and ready for you to use — now on every device that you love using.

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Visit Salzburg: 7 Best Things to See in Salzburg (2019)

Austria is a country that attracts plenty of tourists from all over the globe every year. It is a land of puzzling peaks, mysterious lakes, and landscapes that will take your breath away. Some of them choose Austrian Alps to enjoy skiing, snowboarding or other winter sports, making it a heaven for winter lovers from all over the world. Some decide to visit the amazing Vienna. You can even have a romantic weekend in Hallstatt, one of the country’s most iconic places. However, since the country has an appealing history and gave birth to such an enormous range of internationally recognized artists, this time we bring you the 7 best things to do in Salzburg — Mozart’s birthplace and of the most beautiful cities in Austria.

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