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5 Extraordinary Christmas Markets in Europe

Christmas is right around the corner! Has the Christmas spirit caught you yet, or are you feeling stressed buying last-minute gifts? You might have already visited a Christmas market in your hometown, so today we we’ll explore Europe’s most extraordinary Christmas markets. Take notes if you’re still on for a short getaway, and if not, you will hopefully feel festive after reading.

Is Blockchain the Future of Art?

We have already talked a lot about NFTs and NFT artists in detail here (check out last week’s post about women in NFTs and some great art projects they did), so today we’ll take a more general stance and delve a little bit into the topic if blockchain is the future of art.

Ist Blockchain die Zukunft der Kunst?

Wir haben hier bereits ausführlich über NFTs und NFT-KünstlerInnen gesprochen – siehe Post von letzter Woche Frauen in der Krypto-Kunstwelt erfahrt ihr mehr! Diesmal wollen wir allgemein in das Thema eintauchen, ob Blockchain die Zukunft der Kunst ist.

Digital Ownership: Can NFTs Be Copied?

In this week’s #culturecryptomonday, we talk about digital ownership in the case of NFTs and what advantages they bring to the world of digital art. We also answer the questions of whether NFTs are truly resistant to copyright infringement and whether they really can’t be copied!