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Top 10 Spots Every First Timer in Split Should Visit

Marjan Hill

Not so long ago we were first timers in Split, too. TBH, first two days were not the greatest. We arrived to Split with no plan and got lost a few times. If only we had a travel guide for first timers… Seriously guys, these things are helpful. If you don’t believe us, keep reading. You’ll thank us later. Split is one really amazing city and it would be a shame to miss some of the great places. Breathtaking old town, relaxing spots on Marjan hill and crystal clear blue sea is all one needs on a vacation. Here are top 10 spots every first timer in Split should visit.

So, let’s talk some serious first timers Split talking…

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Top Beaches in Croatia – PART TWO

Do you know why Adriatic Croatia is becoming more and more popular each year? Why do you get to see more of it on the news, with taglines “Celebrity XY Spotted Enjoying Top Beaches in Croatia?” or “The World’s Biggest Yacht in Zadar, Croatia”? It is simple – it’s the coast with the most! What’s the attraction? Croatia’s 1,800km coastline, with its islands and the turquoise Adriatic Sea, beautiful beaches, watersport hotspots and historic ports.  If your Mediterranean fantasies feature balmy days by turquoise waters in the shade of ancient walled towns, Croatia is the place to turn them into reality!

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HT Award for Croatian Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb and Hrvatski Telekom (Croatian Telecom) – HT have been organizing the HT Award for Croatian Contemporary Art for the eleventh year in a row, which is the largest and, at the same time, oneof the most important awards for contemporary visual creativity in Croatia.

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Explore the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb is a home to more than 5,000 contemporary works and is the biggest and most modern museum in Croatia. Art works of many modern painters, architects, and sculptors can be found there, and besides its rich fundus, the museum also houses a library, a multimedia hall, a bookstore, cafe and a restaurant.

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Wander into the Zagreb Museum of Arts and Crafts’ Permanent Exhibition

There is a building in Zagreb, gorgeous and mysterious, extravagant and beautiful. You can discover hidden treasures there, treasures which would unravel the beauty of human progress. This magnificent historicist palace wrapped in velvet of Germaine renaissance was designed by German architect Herman Bolle and built in 1888. It is today part of one of the most beautiful squares of Zagreb, completing it and at the same time enriching the landscape of the whole city. It is also a home to the Museum of Arts and Crafts.

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Explore the City of Vukovar in a New Way

The beautiful baroque city of Vukovar, situated at the banks of the Vuka and Danube Rivers in the region of Srijem / Syrmia, saw the worst years of its turbulent history in the last decade of the 20th century. It is slowly but unwaveringly returning to the former glory of one of the best cultural places and can once again look towards a brighter future, despite numerous obstacles. Vukovar city is growing in the arms of its rivers, receiving a new shine and filling the chest with heritage, culture and tradition.

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Stephansdom Vienna – the ultimate travel bucket list must

If you have already been to Vienna, then you know it – Stephansdom is one of the biggest attractions of the Austrian capital. A genuine treasure of what Austria can offer and a reminder of Austria’s glorious times.

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Ludwig Museum Budapest

Ludwig Museum Budapest is a home to Hungary’s most important collection of international contemporary art and in the same time is a major hub for contemporary art in Central and Eastern Europe.  It was founded by the German couple Peter and Irene Ludwig who donated many invaluable art works, with intention to bring East and West closer through art.

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Šibenik City Museum

If you are in Šibenik, do not miss to know its history! Šibenik is a historic city in Croatia and one of the best cultural places, located in central Dalmatia where the river Krka flows into the Adriatic Sea and is, in fact, one of the oldest Adriatic towns. Šibenik City Museum is a vital point on the map for you to get an insight into this magnificent city’s history.

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Madame Tussauds Museum Vienna at your Glance

In case you are planning a visit to Vienna, you probably researched some of the things you can see in the Austrian capital. But, in a way hidden from Stephansdom, Shonbrun and other well-known attractions, lies Madame Tussauds Museum in Vienna. This amusing waxworks museum has more than 80 wax figures of some of the most famous celebrities from around the world and truly stands for one of the most famous cultural places.

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