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Sisi Exhibition at Schloss Niederweiden Prolonged

Picture of empress Sisi

Schloss Niederweiden has around 400 exhibits in its Sisi special exhibition, some of them from Empress Elisabeth’s, or ‘’Sisi’’ as she’s widely known, personal property. The good news: the exhibition has been extended until October 26, 2021! So how about a trip to eastern Lower Austria?

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“What’s On” in Austria? Don’t miss these exhibitions this summer!

The exhibition Circus of Dreams at the Swarovski Crystal World in Tyrol

Austria has a broad spectrum of cultural offerings. That’s why we’ve launched a new series “What’s On”, where we present you with some worth-visiting exhibitions in Austria on a quarterly basis. Here’s our summer edition with tips for July and August. There’s a lot to discover, so stay tuned!

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The Circus of Dreams at the Swarovski Crystal Worlds

If everything around you sparkles and glitters and you don’t even know where to look first, then you have most likely landed in the Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens, Tyrol. Today we tell you everything about this magical and sparkling place. Discover which highlights you should not miss there – especially this summer.

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10 Most Beautiful Small Cities in Europe

Best Small Cities in Europe Sighisoara

When it comes to city breaks, most people tend to visit the largest cities. However, they are often too crowded and that can ruin your perfectly planned trip. That’s why it’s a good idea to visit a smaller city that gives you a more intimate, relaxed, and unique experience and time to explore a place in peace. There are a lot of cities like this worth mentioning if you’re into exploring Europe, but this time we bring you the 10 most beautiful small cities in Europe that you will love for sure.

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A New Look for our Cultural Places Website

mockup of the new website of cultural places

Have you noticed that the Cultural Places’ website has a new look? We are happy to provide you with an improved design and usability to get the most out of your cultural experiences. Learn more about the process behind the scenes in this week’s blogpost!

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Experience the mumok in Vienna!

mumuk - art building in MQ in Vienna

Summer is already just around the corner and with it, of course, a summer full of culture in Vienna! Today we’ll share which current exhibitions you shouldn’t miss at the mumok Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation Vienna.

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Most Beautiful Viennese Buildings: Art Nouveau Architecture in Vienna

Building of the Vienna Secession, a photo by Jorit Aust

The Art Nouveau architecture gave us some pretty amazing landmarks. You just gotta love it! Vienna Secession, as the movement was known in Vienna, left a huge impact on the city’s architecture as we know it today, and it wouldn’t be possible without Joseph Maria Olbrich and Josef Hoffmann. These two established the movement, well-known architect Otto Wagner joined a bit later. In this blog post, we show you some of the best-known and most popular buildings of Viennese Art Nouveau architecture from all around the city.

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Sacher Pop-up Welt Opens in Vienna

Sacher Pop-up Welt Opens in Vienna

Finally, the time has come! The Hotel Sacher opened the gates to its Sacher Pop-up Welt experience on June 2nd, 2021. You can see exhibits on the history of the hotel, and the audio guide from Cultural Places tells its story from the perspective of Anna Sacher, the long-time boss.

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One Day at MuseumsQuartier Vienna

Have you ever been to Museums Quartier in Vienna? Spreading over 90,000m2 with 60 cultural institutions, it’s not only one of the world’s largest art and cultural areas, but also a place of relaxation in the city center with its many courtyards, small cafés, and hidden stores. So that you don’t feel overwhelmed by this vast offer, we have put together a guide on how to spend the perfect day at MQ Vienna. Enjoy!

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International Museum Day 2021 – Let’s Digitalize Culture

This past Tuesday marked International Museum Day 2021 which took place under the motto “The Future of Museums: Recover and Reimagine.” Museums have had a hard time in the last year – a lot has changed which made the development of new concepts and approaches necessary. Due to the many closed days, the focus shifted to digital offers and reaching the public off the beaten track. This required new and perhaps unfamiliar approaches, which is why we launched the project “Digitalizing Culture.” We want to provide organizations and companies from the tourism, art, and culture sectors with urgently needed digital solutions, offer them an innovative platform, and support them in communicating with their target groups.

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