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8 Curious New Year’s Traditions Around the World

Wow! And just like that, 2020 comes to an end. It has been a crazy and challenging year for all of us, and most of us couldn’t have imagined the tremendous impact the COVID-19 pandemic would have on all our lives when we were celebrating the start of 2020 so carefree, just 12 months ago. Although you might not be able to celebrate New Year’s Eve as bombastically as usual and you’re also not able to travel, we want to take you on a short tour around the globe to show you 8 curious and unusual New Year’s traditions from various countries, so read on! If you also want to increase your chances of having a legendary 2021, why not try out some of these rituals?

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The Secrets of St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna

The secrets of St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna

Who doesn’t know the St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna? The most famous landmark in Vienna’s city center attracts millions of visitors each year. But what makes it so unique? Keep reading and we’ll reveal some of the cathedral’s secrets!

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New Digital City Walk for the Vienna Secession

We proudly present the Vienna Secession’s new guide, which is available on Cultural Places for free: a city walk about the history of the Secession and how it came into being. It brings you to seven stations, from Wollzeile to Karlsplatz to Secession – important locations in the secessionist movement’s history that started around 1900.

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5 Tips for Getting into the Christmas Spirit in Times of Social Distancing

Can you already hear the ’the Christmas bells a’ringing and people carols a’singing’?  No? Well, no wonder… This year, everything is rather different than in the years before, and this also applies to the lead up to Christmas. There are no Christmas markets where you can sip mulled wine and punch until you hear the angels sing hallelujah, no Christmas parties (at least you can’t embarrass yourself at your Christmas office party, so that’s a plus!), and you’re not able to meet all your friends in person to wish them a merry Christmas season.

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Best Online-Offers of Museums Worldwide

Last week we showed you a selection of online museum offers in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. This time we take a look at museums outside the German-speaking world and their digital presence. With COVID-19 restrictions and uncertainty about traveling again, it could be a while before we able to visit these museums in person. However, digital exhibitions are not only an alternative, but an addition to the traditional museum visit.

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6 Spots to Relax in Graz

Happy December! Today we are in Graz, the Styrian capital and Austria’s second-largest city, to take you on a special journey. We’ve already shown you 10 places that will make you fall in love with Graz at first sight, so now we’ll dig deeper and show you our favorite spots to relax away from the tourist trail.

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Museums in Lockdown and Their Digital Strategies

The latest crisis is a challenge for most – in this post, we will take a look at how museums in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland are dealing with lockdown-induced closures and present a selection of their current online offers. #ClosedButActive 

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Home Office: 7 Tips & Tricks

If you have an office job, it’s quite likely that you are currently working from home. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries have recommended that employees should work from home whenever possible.

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Digital Solutions for Culture & Tourism – Cultural Places’ Webinar

Well before the second lockdown it was undeniable that the culture and tourism industry has been badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions that come with it. 

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Enchanted Fall Walks in Vienna

Late fall has arrived in Vienna. The days are already short and dark, and it’s been a while since we last had a sufficient dose of sunlight. With the dim light and the morning mist, the city is often covered in a magical twilight.

As tempting as it might be to just stay in your warm and cozy home, we decided to explore some places in Vienna you might not have visited to entice you outside. As the options for outdoor activities are unfortunately rather limited at the moment, we thought we’d give you some inspiration for beautiful walks to not only get some fresh air, but also soak in the enchanting atmosphere and relax. Because as diverse as these places are, what they have in common is their unique. and sometimes, even magical atmosphere. So follow us on our little tour and explore the loveliest fall walks Vienna has to offer, away from the usual tourist destinations.

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