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Inside Banja Luka: 5 places you shouldn’t miss out on

Have you ever considered Banja Luka as a possible vacation spot after the pandemic? Well, if you haven’t, you should definitely change your mind! We’ve already created the Ultimate Banja Luka Guide for First Time Visitors and showed you the Top 10 Ten Things to Do in Banja Luka, so today we want to dig deeper and show you 5 insider spots that shouldn’t be missing on your Banja Luka bucket list!

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Microadventures Vorarlberg

The newest episode of our series on microadventures takes us to Vorarlberg, the westernmost state of Austria. We introduce you to six little adventures in the ‘Ländle’ that help you break out of everyday life for a short time: from architecture, art, and culture to culinary journeys of discovery, to exciting nature experiences, everything is included!

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7 Easter Traditions around the world

Happy Easter! Now that it’s Good Friday, we hope you are ready for an ‘eggstraordinary’ Easter weekend if you do celebrate Easter! Although your Easter festivities are very likely going to be in a smaller circle than usual, we want to seize the chance to introduce you to some rather unusual and curious Easter traditions around the world, which you might not have heard of already. Enjoy!

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Hello spring! Our tips for instantly getting into a spring mood

Spring has officially started! Even if the weather is not already super warm in your area, it’s getting brighter and sunnier day by day. To deliver you some serious spring vibes, we have gathered 8 tips to instantly get you into a spring mood – so read on!

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Traveling in Times of COVID-19: We Asked Our Community

Recently, we spoke to several travel bloggers (part 1 and part 2) to ask them how they are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic – as they basically travel for a living, they are now not able to or are only super limited in doing their job. Now, we turn to our travel-savvy community to hear their experiences and opinions of how the pandemic has changed their travel behavior, what their travel outlook is, and much more. To get in touch, we conducted a survey on our Instagram and Facebook asking our followers about their travel behavior in the last year. Read on to learn the outcome!

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Microadventures in Carinthia

Views from Carinthia's Panoramic Roads

The second part of our microadventures series takes us to Carinthia. Here you will find a few inspirations for little adventures that do not require travelling far or even spending the night – our tips are ideal for after work or a day off. We hope they will help you escape your everyday life for a short time, even in times of COVID-19. Now that the days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising, we can enjoy a little more sun, and after all, Klagenfurt is Austria’s state capital with the most hours of sunshine. What are you waiting for?

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International Women’s Day – Portraiting Anna Sacher

On the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8th, we would like to introduce you to Anna Sacher, the legendary boss of the Hotel Sacher. After her husband’s early death in 1892, she took over the management – which was anything but a matter of course for the time!

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Microadventures in Styria

We want to keep you busy and entertained, even in times of lockdown! Therefore, we went on a discovery journey throughout all nine states of Austria to look for so-called ‘’microadventures’’ you could go on to spice up your weekend or time off. Today, we’ll start with Styria. Did you know that it is also called “the Green Heart of Austria” due to its extensive and diverse nature? Starting from the glaciers at Dachstein in the north to the South Styrian Wine Route (Styria is not only famous for its wine but also its specialty pumpkin seed oil!), the state has something for everyone. So, let’s set off on our first microadventure, and let yourself get inspired!

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We Are Starting Our Initiative “Digitalizing Culture (DC) – Austria 2021”

Digitalizing Culture

We can finally introduce you to our brand new “Digitalizing Culture (DC) – Austria 2021” initiative! This year, we will support the Austrian tourism, art, and culture sectors in digitization – during the pandemic and beyond.

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Sustainable Tourism: Our Tips

It has now been almost a year since COVID-19 started affecting our lives, and many of us long for traveling. But can we travel sustainably and protect the climate? We don’t advocate staying at home forever or just traveling by bike. But it wasn’t just the pandemic that showed that we should rethink the way we travel.

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