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Top 10 things to do in Split

View from Marjan hill

Split might be the second largest city in Croatia, but with its fine beaches, historical landmarks, museums, art galleries, and natural parks, it may well be the place to visit on your trip to this beautiful country. Seriously, there are so many things this city can offer and in case you plan to discover this Dalmatian beauty, here are top 10 things to do in Split.

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Top 10 things to see in Budapest from the perspective of locals

Chain Bridge Budapest

Considered by many as the “Paris of the East“, lying on a beautiful river the Danube, Budapest is one of the most culturally important metropolises in Eastern Europe and home to numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Although people lived here even in the Stone Age, this beautiful city only formally came into being in 1872 after merging of three previously independent towns – Old Buda (Óbuda), Buda and Pest, to become the administrative, commercial and industrial centre of Hungary.

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4 Reasons to Check out Stephansdom in the Heart of Vienna

If you have already been to Vienna, then you know it. Stephansdom is one of the biggest attractions of the Austrian capital. A place that attracts millions of tourists each year and a monument that is now a real trademark of the biggest city in Austria. There are many reasons why you must not miss this place on your next visit to Vienna, but we have 4 reasons that we want to share with you.

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