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Introducing Hong Kong: 10 Things You Need to Know before You Visit Hong Kong

Introducing Hong Kong: 10 Things You Need to Know before You Visit Hong Kong

Known as the Eastern city that never sleeps, Hong Kong is one of the most interesting places in Asia. It has such a vibrant atmosphere that you will just love and if you had only one chance to visit only one place in Asia, it should be Hong Kong. Yes, we know — Asia is unique and every single place is worth exploring, but for the sake of this blog post, let’s say that you have the opportunity to visit one place only. If you’re planning to visit Hong Kong someday, it’s a good idea to get introduced to its unique culture, and that is exactly what you will read about in this blog post, so keep reading.

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The Life after Corona-crisis: How to Start Exploring Cultural Places Again?

Exploring Cultural Places

We’re slowly getting out of the corona-crisis, things are finally getting a bit more normal, and naturally, we can’t wait to start traveling like we used to. But more time will pass before we get to that stage again. Still, there are ways to enjoy fun cultural places, maybe they just haven’t crossed your mind. We’re here to help you and to give you some ideas on how to explore cultural places in your own country and start traveling again.

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Explore Vienna: 5 Best Vienna City Center Hotspots

Vienna City Center Hotspots — Hofburg

Vienna is an amazing, beautiful city with history so rich that it will take some time for you to grasp it. If you’re in Vienna for a short work trip, or you just need an idea on how to start exploring this amazing historic city, here’s a short guide to 5 best Vienna city center hotspots.

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A Brief History of the Blue Mosque: One of Istanbul’s Most Iconic Landmarks

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Blue Mosque is one of the most iconic landmarks of Istanbul and one of its most beautiful historic sights. With its six magnificent minarets, it dominates the city skyline and the majority of tourists’ photos, and it’s a functioning religious building as well. But why was it designed like this and who did it? Let’s find out…

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Explore Vienna: Best Digital Tour Guides & Insider Tips

Digital tours of Vienna: Explore Vienna on Wheels

Whether you’re lucky enough to be in the Austrian capital right now and are looking for a Vienna walking tour, or you’re at home, seeking digital ways to explore Vienna — we got you covered. There are so many Vienna tours all around the interwebs that you probably have no idea where to start. So, our Vienna-based content team took a serious number of walks around the city streets, gathered the most interesting information about the history of the beloved capital, and brought them to you in the form of awesome digital tours of Vienna that you can use at home or on the spot. Oh, be sure to stay tuned until the very end — we have some insider tips to share.

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9 Incredible Facts About the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa

With more than 5 million visitors each year, the Leaning Tower of Pisa (Torre Pendente) is one of the best- known landmarks in Italy. It served as a backdrop on so many tourist pictures. If you’re wondering what makes it so special keep reading — you’re minutes away from learning about this unusual tower.

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10 Things You Need to Know About the Alhambra, Granada

10 Things You Need to Know About the Alhambra

If you’re looking for some great Medieval places around Spain, or even around the world — you landed on the right page. Perched upon a hilltop in Granada, Spain, the Alhambra (lit. “The Red One“, “The Red Fortress”) is known to be one of the most unique palaces in the world. With more than 12 centuries of history, this palace is an example of a perfect mixture of different architectural styles. Interested to learn what makes Granada’s Alhambra palace so special? Keep reading, here come the 10 things you need to know about the Alhambra.

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7 Hidden Places in Europe That Will Take Your Breath Away

Places in Europe - Alberobello, Italy

Europe is full of wonderful destinations everywhere you turn. You’ve probably visited a few of its larger touristy destinations or they’re on your bucket list for quite some time, but let’s face it — some of those places are often overrated and overcrowded, so their true spirit and beauty get a bit lost. We’re always excited to discover new destinations, that are maybe lesser-known places around the Old continent that might blow you away. So, here you’ll read a little bit about such destinations — 7 hidden places in Europe that will take your breath away.

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Gaudí’s Barcelona: 10 Most Interesting Buildings in Barcelona

Gaudí's Barcelona: 10 Most Interesting Buildings in Barcelona

If you’ve ever been to Barcelona you know that it’s one of a kind city, with its special spirit unique architectural landmarks, and it’s mostly because of one man — Antoni Gaudí. Gaudí designed many buildings around the city of Barcelona, and you’d be able to recognize them without anyone showing you which ones those are. Here we bring you the list of Gaudí’s most interesting buildings in Barcelona, so keep reading.

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History of Vienna: Vienna’s Best Historic Streets

History of Vienna: Vienna's Best Historic Streets

Are you up for learning some pretty interesting history of Vienna? There is no better way to fulfill your free time (and we know you have it!) than reading about cool historical facts about your favorite city. Every street of Vienna’s old city center has its history, and once you know a little bit about it, you appreciate the sights of those streets even more. If you’ve been to Vienna, this blog post will help you to understand the sights you already saw, and if you dream about traveling to Vienna one day, use this time and prepare yourself for exploration of this magnificent city.

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