“Back to Culture’’ – Recap of the Advent Calendar by Cultural Places

We wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you had a relaxing holiday season! To ensure that you can start the new year with plenty of culture, we engaged cultural institutions throughout Austria to participate in our “Back to Culture” advent calendar.

In 2021, we launched our “Digitalize Culture Initiative to support the arts and cultural tourism sectors during the pandemic and beyond. This includes our special offers for museums and other cultural organizations, our recently launched podcast series “Culture Talks”, and much more.

To close out 2021 with a cultural bang, we worked with our partners as part of the DCI to launch our largest Christmas marketing campaign to date for arts and culture lovers, the digital “Back to Culture” advent calendar on our social media channels!

Our goal was to stand together and show the diversity of the local cultural landscape, no matter if it is a small art house cinema or a big museum. With this marketing campaign, we gave museums, theaters, cinemas, and more the opportunity to attract new target groups with our reach and social ads. We also wanted to thank our culture-savvy community for their loyalty with the raffled gifts.

Prizes from 31 different organizations

We would like to also thank the 31 cultural organizations from (almost) all over Austria that participated in our advent calendar and provided great prizes.

Among others, we gave away tickets to the mumok in Vienna and the Universalmuseum Joanneum in Styria, an original Sacher Torte size L including two of our media guides for the Hotel Sacher Vienna, and even two annual tickets for the Vienna Secession. Vienna’s St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the National Library also provided us with tickets.

For theater fans, we had venues including the Volkstheater in Vienna and the Theater Kosmos in Bregenz. Many cinemas, such as the Stadtkino and the English Cinema Haydn in Vienna and the Cinema Paradiso in St. Pölten also provided us with tickets; in Burgenland, for example, we were able to offer tickets to the Opera in the Quarry.

At Christmas, we were able to give away the biggest highlight: two tickets for the Grand Tour at Schönbrunn Palace.

On December 24, our community had the chance to win two tickets for the Schönbrunn Palace Grand Tour. 218 followers took part in the raffle.

Facts & Figures

Our campaign in which 31 organizations was very positively received by our community – here is a short overview of its success:

We hope you enjoyed our advent calendar as much as we did and look forward to a culturally rich 2022! Because even though there may be temporary closures of cultural venues again in the course of a lockdown, culture is here to stay! We will continue to work to support arts and cultural venues.

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