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5 Best Destinations for Street Art in Europe

Best Destinations for Street Art in Europe

Even though we all sometimes wonder if street art is even legal, we love to see great artwork around the city streets. If the art appears at specific, dedicated places then it is official and legal, and we’re glad that there are quite a few such places around European cities. Street art in European cities varies from fine art to artistic doodles, and you can see everything from famous people, fantasy creatures, political events, and so on… What are the best locations to admire some cool street art in Europe? Keep reading to find out…

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Special Programs at Austrian Museums from October 3 – 10

Vienna Secession building at night

The famous “Long Night of Museums” will be a bit different this year. To avoid the crowds, it was expanded to a whole week when uncountable museums are offering special programs, discounts, extras for children, etc. The new name is “Museumszeit” (Time for Museums) and it takes place from October 3 – 10.

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New Exhibitions at Museum Angerlehner Featuring Monika Kus-Picco, Mario Dalpra, Martin Praska, and Hannah Winkelbauer

© Monika Kus-Picco: “American Beauty,” 2020, medical products on canvas, 200 x 300 cm

The museum Angerlehner in Thalheim/Wels presents four new exciting art shows, starting on September 13.

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Never forget! New Digital Tour and Memorial Plaque for the Liebenau Camp in Graz

New Digital Tour and Memorial Plaque for the Liebenau Camp in Graz

The Liebenau Camp in the South of Graz was a camp where a lot of war crimes of the Nazi era have been committed. To remind of those dark times, a memorial plaque was erected and officially presented.

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Explore Vienna: 5 Best Vienna City Center Hotspots

Vienna City Center Hotspots — Hofburg

Vienna is an amazing, beautiful city with history so rich that it will take some time for you to grasp it. If you’re in Vienna for a short work trip, or you just need an idea on how to start exploring this amazing historic city, here’s a short guide to 5 best Vienna city center hotspots.

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European Architecture: 5 Most Beautiful Palaces in Europe

Most beautiful palaces in Europe: The Schönbrunn Palace

Don’t you just love old European architectural wonders? We certainly do! Previously we wrote about some of the most interesting Medieval castles and this time we bring you 5 most beautiful palaces in Europe. Keep reading to find out why we find them so special…

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Vienna Story: Ultimate Guide to Vienna

Vienna Story: Ultimate Guide to Vienna

Are you considering your first trip to the lovely city of Vienna and are looking for many insights that will help you prepare properly? Vienna is full of amazing places to visit and amazing historic things to explore, it will take you some time to get to know it. In order to help you explore Vienna easily, we compiled all of the important information into one ultimate guide to Vienna. Read it, take notes, and enjoy!

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Ride Your Bike and Learn About Vienna’s Art & Culture

Learn About Vienna’s Art & Culture

We love biking! It’s the best way to get from A to B, and you don’t even have to wear a mask like on Vienna’s public transport! What would be a better way to discover the city?

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Discover Graz: 7 Best Places to Experience Culture in Graz

Graz (Slovene Gradec – a little castle on the top of the hill) is the second-largest city in Austria and a must-visit location for all you culture lovers. This lovely Styrian city surely has many exciting cultural attractions and institutions, so let’s check out what are the best places to experience culture in Graz.

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Explore Vienna, the City of Music

Explore Vienna, the city of music

Vienna is widely known as the city of music. But did you know that Beethoven would be celebrating his 250th birthday this year, that the Vienna Boy Choir have been performing only at the Viennese court until 1918, and why Vivaldi wasn’t lucky in Vienna?

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