Get to Know Hong Kong Islands' many Faces

New Digital Audio Guide Available – Get to Know Hong Kong Islands’ many Faces

Have you ever been to Hong Kong? It’s definitely worth it! This special administrative region of China is so versatile and diverse; it’s hard to get an overview and plan your trip. We started by focusing on the best Hong Kong island has to offer – and that’s quite a lot! Whether it’s about food, culture, religion, old traditions, new architecture, or anything else – we found the most interesting places you have to visit.

Get to Know Hong Kong Islands' many Faces
© Cultural Places / Emilio Navas

Our photographer Emilio DeKelio, who is living in Hong Kong, had to deal with demonstrations, bad weather, and restrictions due to COVID-19. However, he managed to get back with gorgeous pictures that will take you to Hong Kong even if you’re not able to travel there right now. Stroll through the hip SoHo and discover its street art, visit the harbor which gave the city its name, and hike or drive up to the Victoria Peak, where you have a great view on Hong Kong’s impressive skyscrapers.

Check out our new tour “Hong Kong Island at Its Best – Top 10 Things to Do“!

Pictures credits:
© Cultural Places / Emilio Navas


Hong Kong Island at Its Best – 10 Top Things to Do

Experience the best that Hong Kong island has to offer. Visit charming alleys, historic temples, colonial buildings, pretty parks, famous museums and much more…

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