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TOP 8 things to do in Vukovar

Vukovar city Museum
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Are you on a lookout for some new destination? Some place no one of your friends has gone to? If the answer to these 2 questions is yes, here is the list of 8 things to do in Vukovar, truly different and unique place, situated in Croatia on the banks of the Vuka and Danube Rivers.

The city of Vukovar had a very turbulent history in the last 2 decades, after the war that happened it Ex Yugoslavia. It was a tragic time in all the Balkan region, and unfortunately, Vukovar was one of the places that suffered the most during that time.

But as this is one positive and cheerful text where we want to show you only the most beautiful things you can do here, we will not talk about this.

And why would we?

Vukovar is slowly but surely returning to former glory and there are many nice things going around here these days.

So, ready for exploring this historic Croatian city?

Vukovar from above

Here is the list of 8 things to do in Vukovar.

1.  Visit Vučedol Culture Museum

Museum of Vučedol

This amazing museum is located on the Danube bank and dates back to the Eneolithic period. We won’t tire you with more details on the importance of the Vučedol culture. But we will just mention that the oldest calendar in Europe was found near Vinkovci and is exhibited right here at Vučedol Culture Museum.

Prety cool, hm?

Besides the calendar, at this museum, you can also check out the oldest prehistoric carts on four wheels.

Beat that BMW Museum!

And while you are here, make sure you download Cultural Places app that will provide you with one mind-blowing audio tour of this museum!

It’s free.

All you got to do is put on your headphones, walk around the museum and let the guide take you back in time.

Simple as that.

2.  Discover Vukovar Municipal Museum

top 8 things to see in VUkovar - vukovar city museum

Located at one of the most beautiful buildings of the city,

Vukovar Municipal Museum is the cultural hotspot of Modern Vukovar where you can find the Heritage Museum, Memorial Museum of the Nobel Prize Winner Lavoslav Ružička as well as the collection of modern Croatian paintings.

3.  Listen the authentic Bećarac – UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

bećarac music



It is not really a thing to, but Bećarac is something you definitely cannot miss.

This vocal-instrumental song is very famous in the region and represents one of the most important Intangible things in all Croatia.

I mean, UNESCO put it on its list. It’s got to be worth something right?

Check out how it sounds

4. Get the taste of local wine

Vukovar wine


Wine and music have always been good friends and you will enjoy Bećarac even more with a few sips of local wine. Even though Croatia might not be famous like Italy, Spain or Georgia when it comes to wines, this region will amaze you with some very natural tastes of wines of all colours.

But why are wines here of such a high quality?

Well, there are few things that support this theory.

First of all, many sunny hours can be seen here. More sun, more chance for grapes to get its real taste. You know how those vineyards in Italy look like right?

Well, here they are not so bad either.

vineyard slavonia

Then, there is the fact that the drained soil here does not hold moisture, which is one of the important conditions as well.

But now you are reading this and you are thinking like “Yeah this is very nice, but which wines should I try?”

We are just there.

Graševina and Traminac are two major grapes cultivated here. The locals swear that they will mind blown you that you will never want to drink different wine in your life.

Is it true?

The easiest way is to find it out yourself.

We can’t tell you everything.

5. Try out the local cuisine

food in slavonia

Credits: tourcroatia

In case you get hungry after few glasses of wine, you must not miss out some of the local delicacies.

The regions of Slavonia is known for its tasty cuisine, full of colours of all kind. Some of the things you must not miss are kulen, fish stew and many types of pork dishes.

After you finish, just take a sip of the local drink šljivovica. It will help you digest it easier.

Just watch out you do not finish in some of the scenes from the Hangover movie, cause this drink is super strong.

6. Get some sun tan at Vukovar Beach

Vukovar beach


Yeah, you read it right, there is a real beach in Vukovar and for those of you who think that Croatia has no sandy beaches, then you should come here. Vukovar Ada, is probably the favourite summer location of the entire city, with an area of more than 1,000 hectares.

What is great is that transportation to this place is very easy during summer months and in a very short time, you will reach this tropical heaven.

And while you are there, check out this place.

7. Stroll down the streets of the old city

vukovar old town

The historical baroque centre of Vukovar is what provides the recognizable visual identity of the city. Decorated with many shops and stores, that represented the economic power of the citizens of this city, Vukovar will offer you very nice stroll through its streets and will welcome you with warm local spirit and traditions.

What we recommend you to visit is the Grand Hotel, the Magistrate building, the Church of Saint Filip and Jakov. There is also a very nice Franciscan Monastery.

One more thing.

There is also a specialized audio tour here that will tell you all you there is to know about the city of Vukovar. Just download the app.

8. Visit the Vukovar Film Festival

things to do in Vukovar - vukovar film festival

By this time, you have probably noticed how much we enjoy art, so for the last suggestion, we have something that all you movie lovers will enjoy. Vukovar Film Festival takes places every summer and during this week, you get the chance to see some unique movies from Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzevogina, Germany, Hungary, Montenegro, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, the Ukraine, Slovenia and many others.

Here it is guys. Top 8 things to do in Vukovar.

In case you have been here, maybe you can recommend us some more places and in case you never visited this Croatian beauty, why not discover it?

P.S. For more information on Vukovar, check out this article.

Thanks, Total-Croatia-News for information provided while writing this article.

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