7 Cheap European Beach Vacation Spots That You Will Love

If you’re still looking for an awesome beach destination to extend your summer but have limited funds, then don’t look any further! We are happy to present you with 7 cheap European beach vacation spots that you will love and enjoy without spending that much money.

Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Who would’ve thought of Bulgaria as a beach destination? Not everybody for sure, but there are quite a few beaches worth visiting. One of them is Sunny Beach – a sunny resort on the Black Sea that always makes the list of bargain beach getaways. Besides the golden sandy beach and turquoise sea water, there are amazing beachfront bars where you can attend parties with cheap drinks.

Sunny beach in Bulgaria is a great place to enjoy life at a reasonable price.

Sarandë, Albania

Albania might also not be the first country you’d think of when considering beach vacations, but it should definitely be on your bucket list! It has tons of natural beauty, hot weather, and it’s also an extremely budget-friendly nation.

Sarandë is the most popular beach resort in the country. Situated between the hills of olive groves and the Ionian sea, Sarandë has gorgeous beaches and plenty of excellent bars and restaurants. In addition, it’s home to world-class historic architecture, including the 16th-century Lëkurësi Castle.

Definitely belongs on your bucket list: Sarande in Albania

Marmaris, Turkey

The third destination on our list, Marmaris, is an incredibly popular summer resort in Turkey, and there are several reasons why. Marmaris has everything – from gorgeous sandy beaches and magnificent seawater to rich historical sites to explore. The local nature is mesmerizing as well, you must see the Turgut waterfall where you can both relax and dive into the ice-cold water. While you’re there, we also recommend visiting a traditional Turkish bath, locally known as a hammam.

Marmaris in Turkey convinces with beautiful beaches and historical sights.

Costa del Sol, Spain

Costa del Sol is a beautiful region of Spain, set in the southern part of the Malaga province. It is a very popular bucket list item, and when you see its beaches, you’ll understand why. With more than 300 sunny days a year, it’s a perfect destination for a beach vacation – and comparatively cheap too. Besides visiting those gorgeous beaches and natural surroundings, you can explore the scenic little towns spread all along the coast. Of course, you also have to visit the city of Malaga while you’re there – it’s a perfect day trip. Of the many resorts set in Costa del Sol, we recommend visiting Torremolinos, we’re sure you will love its golden beaches and the blue Mediterranean Sea.

Nerja is our favorite destination on the Costa del Sol.

Costa Blanca, Spain

And we are staying in Spain! Costa Blanca, in Alicante province on the south-eastern coast, is another Spanish destination that you will fall in love with immediately. We recommend staying in the small town of Benidorm – its coast is lined with gorgeous beaches, and it’s a great place if you’re a party animal. It’s also not that far from the gorgeous city of Valencia, which makes for a great day trip. Last but not least, the port town of Alicante is another popular spot worth visiting on the Costa Blanca.

Benidorm is perfect for a combination of beach and party vacations.

Crete, Greece

Crete is the southernmost island in Greece, and it’s a great place to get to know Greek culture. We love its towns, beaches, and nature, and what makes us love it even more is the fact that you don’t have to spend much money once you get there – it’s actually a pretty affordable destination. There are so many great places on this island, and we promise you won’t get enough of its beauty. It is also well connected by bus lines, so it’s easy (and cheap) to get from one spot to another if you want to save money on renting a car.

Crete is always worth a trip!

Paphos, Cyprus

Cyprus is another country with very affordable beach destinations, and the one you just can’t go wrong with is the coastal city of Paphos. With a total of 23 beaches in Paphos to choose from, you are spoilt for choice! Besides its great beaches, Paphos has stunning forts and a very picturesque old town that you have to explore.

There are a total of 23 stands in Paphos, so you’ll be spoiled for choice.

We hope we could inspire you for your next trip with our affordable suggestions. Be sure to also check out our blog about hidden gems of the Adriatic as well, if you want to get more input for your next beach vacation!

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