Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb – Permanent Exhibition

There is a building in Zagreb, gorgeous and mysterious, extravagant and beautiful. You can discover hidden treasures there, treasures which would unravel the beauty of human progress. This magnificent historicist palace wrapped in velvet of Germaine renaissance was designed by German architect Herman Bolle and built in 1888. It is today part of one of the most beautiful squares of Zagreb, completing it and at the same time enriching the landscape of the whole city. It is also a home to the Museum of Arts and Crafts.

Ever since its foundation in 1880, the Museum of Arts and Crafts’ aim is to maintain traditional values and preserve arts and crafts ahead of industrial production. It was one of the first of its kind in the whole Europe. The Museum, with its 160.000 pieces, is renowned as a national museum for arts and crafts production. Through all the stages of museum development, this museum constantly evolved and developed its collections, creating new ones and enriching existing ones. Comprehensive permanent exhibition of all important arts and crafts in different categories, that spreads over three floors, is impressive, both in number and in range!

As permanent exhibition, this museum exhibits objects in 20 collections: ceramics, clocks and watches, glass, graphic design, ivory, furniture, metal, musical instruments, painted leather, paintings, photography, bookbinding, product design, sculptures, textiles, fashion, accessories and varied objects, ranging from the Middle Ages to today. The museum also hosts frequent temporary exhibitions. If you are a hobbyist of any kind, you will find something of your interest here, that is for sure. If not, you will still love it, because it will give you some idea of how people’s homes once looked.

What is also very special about this museum is its Educational Department! Everyone is invited to be a part of the Museum, to create an, in the end, to exhibit. Children, pupils, students, grown-ups and elderly people are invited to take part in creative workshops, which take place on regular basis.

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