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Šibenik is a historic city in Croatia and one of the best cultural places, located in central Dalmatia where the river Krka flows into the Adriatic Sea. With its compact old town riddled with medieval alleys and stairways, Šibenik is a characteristically atmospheric Adriatic town.

Šibenik is, in fact, one of the oldest Adriatic towns. It is mentioned for the first time in 1066 in a Charter of King Petar Krešimir IV, who was one of the most powerful Croatian kings. In the Charter, he had granted freedom to the monastery of St. Mary in the city of Zadar. The interesting fact is that the founder of the monastery was Krešimir’s cousin, Abbess Čika. That is why the city is also called Krešimir’s town.

The audio-guided city tour within the Cultural Places platform starts in front of the Tourist Info Center by the coast. On the tour, you will visit 17 spots, most of the churches. The reason for this is that Šibenik is the town in Croatia with the largest number of churches. The biggest and most imposing is certainly the Cathedral of St. James, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It is a beautiful masterpiece of Christian art built in the 15th century. Various architects and builders have been working on its construction for more than 120 years. The cathedral is an example of combining different artistic styles of sculpture, painting, and architecture into a single building. An interesting fact is that a part of an episode of the famous Game of Thrones series was recorded in this cathedral.

The spots that are included in the audio guide are the Church of St. Dominik, the Cathedral of Šibenik, the City Hall, the Republic of Croatia Square, the Bishop’s Palace, the Duke’s Palace and City Museum, St. Nicolas Church, the Church of St. John, the New Church, the Church of the Holy Spirit, the Church of St. Kreševan, St. Luce Benedictine Monastery, the Church of All Saints, the Medieval Mediterranean Garden od St. Lawrence Monastery, St. Michael’s Fortress, the Square of the Four Wells, the Church of St. Grgur.

The opportunity to learn more about this beautiful old city and its great architecture is provided by the Cultural Places team in cooperation with the Tourist Board of Šibenik. Enjoy the Šibenik City Card tour with our multilingual and very user-friendly Cultural Places platform that contains everything you need to know! The best thing of all is that it is super easy to use. All you have to do is download, listen, and enjoy the stories prepared for you.

Visit more great places with your Šibenik City Card – the Krka National Park and Aquarium Šibenik! The Krka National Park is an area of extraordinary natural values with great scientific, cultural, educational, and touristic potentials. Aquarium Šibenik offers you a view of the marine life of the Adriatic and tropical seas through an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

If you’d like to explore this lovely city digitally with the help of your smartphone, visit the link below, and enjoy our digital tour:


Šibenik – City of Churches

Enjoy your walk around the old town of Šibenik with architect Juraj Dalmatinac (*1410; † 1475) and discover the Croatian city rich in churches.

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